Justin Bieber Sells Memoir

The death of books will not be from the digital age but from media within. Teen pop star and multi-platinum seller, Justin Bieber, has sold an official illustrated version of his memoir to HarperCollins. The 16-year old superstar will tell the behind the scenes story of his journey to stardom.

The book will be called, Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever: My Story and will include never-before-seen photos of the teen. For all the secret addicts out there with “Bieber Fever” the hardcover edition is set for an October 2010 release and will be priced at $21.99.

The Beer and Ice-cream Gods Have Spoken

Ice cream is usually the way to beat the summer heat and humidity. If you are looking for something more in the liquid form there is always a shake or root beer float. But all these ideas’ are usually missing alcohol. Well, the people over in Boston’s The Lansdowne Pub have come up with something new and alcoholic that may get your attention. A Guinness Float.

Guinness, made in Dublin, is a dark, creamy stout which takes time to settle. Add a scoop of ice cream and watch it blend and form into a consistency of a milk shake. You may even find it is better to eat this delicious drunken summer treat with a spoon.

Catch and Cook Your Own Fish

The Boston Center for Adult Education (BCAE) is hoping you’ll join them on September 16th and 17th as they present their newest course, “Last Catch of the Season.” It is a two day course on the open waters and than a trip in the kitchen.

The first session of the class will meet on Sept. 16that 5:45pm at the Constitution Marina in Charlestown and go till 9:00pm. Board the 34 foot “Reel Pursuit” fishing vessel with Captain Paul on September 16th and prepare to catch the best in-season fish from Massachusetts waters. It's not over just yet. The second session, from 6:00pm – 9:00 pm on the 17th, is where you will join your bounty and Chef Jason Bond of the Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro at the BCAE kitchens. Chef Bond will teach you how to skin, bone, fillet, and cook your catch.

Cool Cocktail on Hot Desert Night

In the Heart of Las Vegas there is an intimate cocktail room and speakeasy called the Downtown Cocktail Room. This is a much respected cocktail bar with seasonal menus and amazing hand-crafted cocktails. They have one fruity concoction of cachaça and strawberries which is very good. Thanks to Tasting Table a recipe was adapted for one of their cooling cocktails, 817 on Main so we could all have one or more than one.

Capitol Lounge and The Capitol Deal

Stop the work your doing because this is a deadline far more important then any on your desk. This is a deal to help you with those long days in the office. The Capitol Lounge on Capitol Hill and Living Social is wheeling and dealing in Washington. Spend $20 for $40 worth of food and drink at the storied Capitol Lounge.

In case you didn’t know The Capitol Lounge is the Hill’s most popular bar destination. This destination is equipped to meet all your entertainment needs with two floors and three bars. Pick a bar, grab a draft and dig into some Nachos or Wings. If you happen to think of any ideas for that presentation just write it down on a cocktail napkin and go back to drinking.

231 Pennsylvania Avenue SE

Washington, DC 20003


Food Truck Hits Las Vegas

Vegas hit the curb for lunch this Saturday for gourmet burgers, hot dogs, and tacos. Saturday, July 24th from 6:00pm to 10:00pm Curbside Café will be outside of Hellboys 702 Tattoo shop at the South East corner of Rainbow and Sahara freeway. For Curbside's grand opening they will be giving away the first 50 burgers, plus a free Hellboys 702 t-shirt and a $50 certificate for your Tattoo at Hellboys 702. There will be two for one burger specials that will last until the food runs out.

Shooting Outside of Greenhouse

A shooting happened outside of Greenhouse early Sunday morning. Jason Green, 32, was shot moments after he and a friend were turned away by a bouncer from the SoHo nightclub. The Daily News reports, Green and friend got into a fight with another man after Greenhouse refused to let them in.

Jason Green has a history in the news. He and fellow EMT and girlfriend Melisa Jackson refused to help Eutisha Rennix on the floor of Au Bon Pain in December after she lay gasping for air on the floor. They were suspended for one month and reassigned to nonemergency work. No criminal charges have been filed but the Brooklyn DA and the Department of Investigation are still probing.

Old Spice Guy Takes Over YouTube

Users were encouraged Tuesday to ask the Old Spice Guy, played by Isaiah Mustafa, questions in which he would respond, in short 30-second YouTube Videos, in character. The response was overwhelming and the Old Spice Guy fielded questions from journalists and celebrities, as well as regular users.

Sweet's New Location

225 Newbury Street

Boston, MA 02115

Sugar shock is a gift from the people at Sweet. Choose from Dark Chocolate, Red Velvet, and Boston Cream Pie cupcakes. Not in the mood for cupcakes, try the frosting shots. Freshly baked each morning in the Sweet kitchen, all frostings, fillings and batters are made from scratch. The only rule, eat the day you purchase your luscious cupcake because that is when they are best enjoyed.

Tremont 647 Annual Grilling Social

Tremont 647's 7th annual Grilling Social is back around. This years theme is "Street Food From Around the World." Witness Tremont 647 and Sister Sorel transform their patios with two grilling stations. Walk around and sample items from each of the grills outside, as well as from the indoor wood fired grill. Have a few pints of Harpoon beer to cleanse the taste buds.