Exclusive Q&A With Long Island Legend Theo

A veteran of the booth, Long Island-born DJ Theo has become one of New York’s most popular nightlife personalities throughout the years. Getting his start at local radio stations and Hamptons parties, Theo now has his own Sirius/XM radio show titled “All Love from NY” and maintains a firm grip on the Long Island club scene.

It was only a matter of time before the hometown star would team up with legendary NYC label Nervous Records. With his highly successful Summer Clubbing series just reaching its fourth volume, Theo has another new compilation on Nervous for electronic heads everywhere. School of House just released last week, and with its eclectic range of mixes featuring artists such as Norman Doray and Dirty Grey, it’s sure to fuel college parties for semesters to come.

November's Hot New Tracks

Drake - "Over My Dead Body"

Hate him or love him, the former Degrassi star has risen to the top of hip-hop's mainstream mountain, and he's not afraid to boast the success he earned with his 2010 breakout album Thank Me Later. "Over My Dead Body," the crawling intro track to his new sophomore release Take Care, is a self-aware bridge between Drake 2k10 and his 2011 iteration, as the Canadian MC confidently spits "And I be hearing the shit you say through the grapevine/ But jealousy is just love and hate at the same time/ It’s been that way from the beginning/ I just been playing, I aint even notice I was winning." By the sounds of Take Care, there are plenty more victories to come for the superstar.

EMI Record Label in the Hands of Universal, Sony

This week marks the end of the bidding war over EMI, the 114-year-old record label that helped bring us The Beatles, in addition to hundreds of music's biggest names over the past few decades. The Citigroup-owned company has been in limbo ever since it dissolved, but now two of the industry's biggest powerhouses will grow even bigger after acquiring it.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Citigroup sold EMI in parts to Universal Music Group as well as a group led by Sony Corp. This marks the conclusion of a nine-month struggle to reach a deal, with Warner Music Group trying to get a piece of the historic label.

Jay-Z Supports Wall Street Protesters... Sort Of

The Brooklyn-born Jay-Z surely feels an urge to support his fellow New Yorkers in occupying Wall Street. Or perhaps the mogul simply sees the several-month struggle as a chance to promote his Rocawear duds, just one brand among the bevy of businesses he owns. Either way, the rapper was seen rocking his newest tee in the above twitpic, which uses some red Sharpie to turn the now-household phrase into "Occupy All Streets." That's right, if Jay-Z has his way, not even the small towns of Idaho are safe from the movement.

Adele's Vocal Cord Cured with Lasers

Adele without her voice is like Michael Jordan without legs. It's like Batman suddenly losing his utility belt, stripping him of the tools he needs to be Gotham's guardian. It's like... you get the picture. The U.K. singer recently had to cancel all of her 2011 tourdates due to some serious vocal problems, but like MJ and Batman for their respective cities, modern techology has come to the rescue and allowed Adele to have a successful surgery.

According to The Guardian, the 23-year-old went to the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston to enlist the aid of Dr Steven Zeitels, who previously worked with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler. Zeitel's method utilized special microlasers that cut off a benign polyp, which was causing recurring bleeding in the singer's vocal cords.

Hip-Hop Legend Heavy D Dies at 44

Heavy-set, fun-loving hip-hopper Heavy D passed away at 44 yesterday. According to various news outlets including BBC, the Mount Vernon rap legend collapsed in a hallway and was transported to Cedars Sinai Medical Center, where he eventually died. The cause of death is believed to be a heart attack.

Heavy D's departure left his hip-hop bretheren with heavy hearts, as many celebs took to Twitter to grieve over the loss. LaToya Jackson, who's musical family frequently collaborated with D, posted "My heart goes out to the family and loved ones of Heavy D... You will be in my prayers." Ice T reflected in his sorrow, stating "Everyone should stop for a second..Take a breath and realize how lucky you are to be alive." Perhaps most chilling is Heavy D's own twitter, who paid tribute to the recently deceased boxing legend Joe Frazier before tragically losing his own life.

Upcoming Albums: Hot New Releases Worth Your Cash

November is shaping to be a busy month for avid music buyers (you guys still exist, right?). Whether you're hitting your local record store every Tuesday or prefer the comfort of underwear iTunes shopping (the outside world is scary), there's no shortage of new releases that are worth your attention and dollar. Or if you're in the mood for some crushing rock anthems, are a big Community fan, or have been waiting for the re-emergence of some punk-loving hip-hoppers, there's something out there for you.

Nov. 8th

City Lights - In It To Win It

Deetron’s ‘Balance’ Mix is a Sonic Adventure

The art of being a DJ is so expansive and ever-changing, that the title itself is hard to classify. Is a DJ someone with a milkcrate of old records, some turntables, and limitless creativity? Or is it someone who’s mastered the art of Pro Tools and Reason and is ready to take their digital playlists to clubs all over the world? For some artists, the answer is simply both. Swiss artist Deetron has taken this duality to heart on his new Balance 20 mix, a combination of electronic music methods old and new that manages to come together as something that’s as cohesive as it is eclectic.

Emerging Blues Singers

Thanks to artists such as the aurally arresting Adele and the late, unforgettable Amy Winehouse, blues music shines brightly on the charts right alongside to today’s pop artists. In an ADD internet age, where fans are looking for the quickest musical sugar rush possible, these artists’ success proves that there are listeners out there who can appreciate some true soul. Here are five modern artists carrying the torch for a genre that’s as emotionally honest as its musically captivating.

Karen Lovely

Having just exploded onto the Blues scene this year, Karen Lovely is already racking up major achievements. With several BMA nominations under her belt and having placed 2nd at the 2010 International Blues Challenge, Lovely has invaded the speakers of blues fans everywhere with her sophomore record “Still the Rain.” For an artist who started singing professionally in 2007, Lovely croons with the confidence of someone who has been at it for decades.