ATB Lighting Up LAVO This Thursday

Andre Tanneberger, better known as ATB, is one of Germany's brightest stars within the electronic dance realm. Having taken his layered, moving sound all over the world, ATB will land at NYC's LAVO for the first time ever this Thursday, Nov 10th.

Armed with his newly released 8th album Distant Earth, expect an eclectic mix of his newer, refined tracks and classics such as "9pm (Till I Come)," which helped put ATB on the map by being the first trance track to hit #1 on the charts. His unique, emotional mix of electronic beats, live instruments, and lush harmonies has garnered him worldwide recognition, having recently being voted #1 DJ in the world by The DJ List.

Will you come be a part of the experience this Thursday? Check out lavony.com for more info.

Stream Childish Gambino's Full-Length Debut

Actor/Writer/Musician Donald Glover has been rapidly garnering fame under his Childish Gambino moniker, thanks to a steady stream of free releases that found the dorky spitter churning out anthems that are as heartfelt as they were self-depricatingly hilarious. He's finally taking his rap game to the big leagues, and you can hear his Glassnote Records debut Camp in its entirety over at NPR.

While Gambino's free mixtapes and EPs were potent enough to win the hearts of nerds and hip-hop heads alike, every lyric and beat of Camp exudes a newfound sense of polish and care. It's clear that Glover's rapping has evolved from a bedroom hobby to a full-fledged career, as he's becoming just as widely known for his biting lyrics as he is for his role as Troy in NBC's hit Community.

Interview with Cartel: Staying Alive On Their Own Steam

Georgia’s Cartel are weathered veterans of the pop-rock scene, having exploded onto television and radio in 2005 thanks to their hit “Honestly” and breakthrough record Chroma. The journey that brought them from the height of their fame to present day has been as productive as it’s been turbulent, as the band were featured on MTV’s 2007 Band in a Bubble reality show, which documented the creation of their self-titled sophomore release for Epic Records.

While national exposure seems like a surefire recipe for chart domination, Cartel’s second release was met with lukewarm reviews and almost no label support. The quintet eventually left Epic for mega-indie label Wind-Up and released 2009’s Cycles, a more cohesive and well-received record that still largely fell to the wayside due to internal label complications.

The Harsh Reality Behind Major Label iTunes Sales

We all know the music industry has been flushed down a ruthless digital toilet. Almost any new record can be nabbed for free after some diligent internet searching, and such piracy has left major stores such as Best Buy dwindling down their physical CD section due to poor sales. Artists have found semi-refuge over the past decade in digital marketplaces such as iTunes, but even Apple's mega-distributor is keeping cash away from some of music's biggest names.

Digital Music News revealed a somewhat startling report, outlining that a UMG artist only makes roughly 8% of the revenue generated by their music on iTunes. So, selling 1000 records would land you a whopping $80, which you can spend on about eight rum-and-cokes in a Manhattan bar as you drink away the pain of having sold your soul. Sure, artists make their money on the road as opposed to in record stores nowadays, and this low payout isn't gonna hurt megastars like Jay-Z and Adele, but now it's easy to see why so many indie bands that went major didn't do so well for themselves.

Are you surprised by this report? Or did it simply get clicked away once you finished illegally downloading the new Coldplay album?

Detroit Lions Fans Shun Nickelback Performance

Of all the things Detriot Lions fans have to be thankful for (A 6-2 record, an inspiring head coach, the best wide receiver in football), being graced by the bro-rock of Canada's Nickelback on their annual Thanksgiving showdown is not one of them. Lions faithful are repulsed, in fact. When your team escapes being the running joke of the NFL after essentially decades, you deserve a little something better, right?

According to Yahoo!'s Shutdown Corner blog, Lions fans are outspokenly appalled by Nickelback's planned halftime performance during the Lions-Packers Turkey Day matchup at Ford Field. So much so, that many of them have taken to change.org to petition against the band's presence. One user cried out, "This game is nationally televised, do we really want the rest of the US to associate Detroit with Nickelback? The Lions ought to think about their fans before choosing such an awful band to play at halftime."

2011's Breakups, Reunions, and Hot Collaborations

It's been an eventful year for musicians looking for change. Many bands have had high-profile reunions, while others have had equally publicized splits. Some artists are simply dipping their toes in new sonic waters, resulting in some fresh collaborations. Read on, your favorite band might be back… or gone for good.


The Early November

Most bands playing pop-punk today likely have nearly a decades worth of fond memories of The Early November, whose earnest take on raw, emotional rock has had a clear influence on some of the genre's heaviest hitters. Fortunately for fans who miss singing along to the cathartic sounds of songs like "Ever So Sweet" and "Decoration," the quintet are playing a hometown reunion show at Jersey's Starland Ballroom, and tickets are still available.

Behind The Scenes with Nervo

As I walked into the EMI building preparing to interview DJ and songwriting duo NERVO, I expected a series of handoffs from one higher-up to the next, until I was finally brought to the tall, blonde twin sisters. Instead, they were right at the front door, chatting amicably with the receptionist. They both greeted me glowingly. "We have to do our makeup!" they said excitedly, as if they were caught in battle without their shield and sword. When I told them this was a written story, they took a slight sigh of relief and joked: "Well now you can interview us while we do our makeup."

Musicians Being More Than a Voice

While music’s biggest names are known for what they bring to the stage and the stereo, it’s the things they do in between selling out venues and making platinum records that reveal their true character. No, not the mansion parties and golf outings, but rather the endless array of charities that music’s superstars have created and contributed to over the years. No one asked these artists to help anyone, but they’ve decided to put their wealth towards all the right causes.


Perhaps the most famous musical philanthropist of all, U2 frontman Bono spends almost as much time traveling the world to raise awareness of AIDS and social injustice as he does playing with his band. He helped create organizations such as DATA, (RED), and the ONE Campaign, and his generosity has gotten him 3 Nobel Peace Prize nominations. Aware of his larger-than-life status, Bono once told Paste Magazine: “I’m a spoiled-rotten rock star. My kids don’t have to worry about schooling or medical bills. In return, there’s a deal. One, don’t bend over. Two, use this spotlight to shine on bigger problems.” Like the rock-star equivalent of Spider-Man, Bono knows the responsibility that comes with his vast influence.

Five Young Rising DJs

Having toured the world with his music and founding Reason Clothing at the age of 18, DJ Price is already an entrepreneur at an age where most people are searching for work out of college. His resume includes performances with Slick Rick and LMFAO, as well as appearances on Good Day New York. It doesn’t hurt that hip-hop heavyweights like Kid Cudi and Maino rock his clothes on the regular. Whether its behind the boards or manning his own business, the young superstar can only grow from here.

This NYC-raised DJ grew up with two generations of musicians in his father and grandfather, so it’s only natural that he’s been mixing old and new music of all genres. Before hitting 21, Lino Meoli has played for and alongside a slew of major artists, from Alicia Keys to Mos Def. Having established himself in Paris and currently doing a residency in Tokyo, DJ Lino has become an international star before being legally allowed to do some shots.

Panic! at the Disco Sweep The Paramount Theater

In an industry where records have melted off store shelves and onto Mediafire pages, the live concert stands as the last line of musical art that can’t be stolen and leaked to the world. While albums are passed around digitally like a dance-able hot potato, no amount of internet lurking and mp3 swapping can defame the experience of the lights, sweat, and sounds of a show. Fortunately, Panic! At the Disco and their tourmates Patrick Stump and Foxy Shazam are well aware that they’re living on that last line, and all left everything they had on the stages of Long Island’s Paramount Theater.