New Years Resolutions in New York

New Years Resolutions, always high hopes and low success rates. This year why not choose an achievable resolution and take positive steps toward achieving that goal.

Each year New Yorkers take on lofty resolutions that are too much for any one person to achieve. By January 15th the diet has failed, you haven’t ran in a week, and you just smoked a cigarette. Rather than try and take on all of these resolutions, why not focus on one? All too often someone makes a resolution to “get healthy” well getting healthy may involve several steps, for now just choose one whether it be eating well, working out, or quitting smoking.

There are a few simple tricks to help maintain the process of your resolution. Strength in numbers; if you and a few friends choose to work on the same resolution there will be a constant support system. Always keep a reminder of your resolution with you; a note in your wallet will remind you of what you are working toward each time you reach for cash. Be flexible; if you chose to eat healthy as a resolution, give yourself a cheat day the resolution will not seem so overwhelming.

Remember, these goals won’t be accomplished overnight so be patient.  Get ahead of the game and start planning your resolution before December 31st. This New Years lets resolve to have high hopes and high success rates.

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