New York: Delivery of Information

We all have our favorite online destinations and these days, majority of those destinations will comprise of different New York blogs that attack different subjects and content. Reading e-zines and editorials just doesn’t seem to be enough these days and a third party perspective usually has the clearest vantage point. It never seems to be a bad thing to get a second or even a third opinion and in which blogs are the perfect tool for. If you’re looking for specific and detailed information about a subject, blogs are definitely a great resource for that type of research. I have been an avid reader of blogs for quite some time now and the ones that were found below are quite interesting, interesting enough for me to blog about it!

http://livinginthenyc.blogspot.com/ - From the eyes a female native in NYC, this posh and chic gal writes about the good, the bad and the ugly of NYC. From restaurants all the way down to real-life “New Yorker” concerns; you can find it all here.

http://worldexamingingworks.typepad.com/ewix/ - This blogger resides in Manhattan but originated from Essex, England. Her interests venture from art to books. If you’re looking for a mature out take on the subjects of fine arts to literature, this is a great destination.

http://elizabeth-aboutnewyork.blogspot.com/ - New York City – plain and simple. This is a great blog with a lot of photos to show you the happenings of this great city.

http://blog.newyorkcostumes.com/ - New York has always been notorious for unusual personalities and this blog is a perfect example of just that. People are always getting dressed up in costumes for no particular reason or go over the top during the holidays in which makes this blog perfect for those that are looking for costume ideas and sources.

http://masqueradecostumesnyc.blogspot.com/ - Getting dressed up as Santa Claus for the little ones? Need some ideas or want to check out costume related events? – Than look no further. This blog also caters a bit to the trendy side for the party hipsters that want to take Halloween and New Years Eve NYC to the next level.

http://www.celebrationsensations.net/ - Yes, we know this isn’t a blog but is definitely an honorable mention, especially with the fact that we are in the holidays. If you are planning a holiday party or get-together, this is a great resource.

http://www.originalfavors.com/ - Another honorable mention. Party favors for the popular ladies that know too many people. If you are always getting invited to bridal showers, baby showers, sweet 16’s, etc; this is a great site to purchase party favors at awesome prices.

http://becoming-a-new-yorker.blogspot.com/ - What is becoming a new yorker?

You need anything about Christmas? http://www.christmaslightsetc.com/