Hot Hits to Help Ring in the New Year

The staple song when the clock strikes 12 on NYC New Years Eve has been Auld Lang Syne for many years. Everyone enjoys listening to this classic as they bring in the New Year with a kiss, but it doesn’t exactly get the party started.

            So here is a list of New Years classics and new hits to keep the party going to the wee hours of the morning:

Lady Gaga Bad Romance: Lady Gaga’s singles have topped the charts all year long, this one is sure to be no different.

Kesha Tik Tok: This song has a great beat to keep all of your friends dancing.

Britney Spears 3: Because, well, everyone loves a little Britney.

Prince 1999: It might not be 1999 anymore, but we can still party like it is.

Kool and the Gang Celebration: This song is necessary when celebrating any momentous occasion.

KISS Rock and Roll All Nite: Just an upbeat reminder to party like rock stars all night.

Journey Don’t Stop Believing: Everyone is sure to sing along with this classic party song.

            Everyone enjoys something a little different on their play list, these are just a few songs to help you get started. Enjoy this New Years Eve with the company of good music and good friends.

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