10 Tips to Have the Best New Years Party in New York City

Best New Years Party in New York CityIf you’re throwing a New Years party in NYC, make sure you make the right preparations to have the most memorable party of the season.  Here are a few key points and ideas to make your party in New York City unforgettable.

1. Party Theme - Traditionally, New York New Years Eve parties tend to be either black tie or cocktail attire, but to spice up the party and make it more exciting, add a theme to your party.  The perfect New Year’s Eve theme party will be subtle, classy, and easy to pull off.  Try choosing a color theme like black and white, gold or silver.

2. Party Food – A very important component to any party is what food to serve.  For New Year’s Eve, stay away from dinner, buffets, or anything that requires people to sit down to eat.  A better choice for the best New Year’s party is h’or d’oevres that people can snack on.  Great choices for New Year’s Eve are chocolate covered strawberries, mini quiches, and coconut shrimp.

3. Party Guest List – The perfect party requires the perfect guests.  The ideal New Year’s Eve party will not include children since it is such a late event, but if you believe it is necessary, make sure there is a separate area for kids so that the adults can celebrate the New Year in peace.  Make sure that every guest invited to the party will know at least one other guest.  You want all of your party-goers to feel included.

4. Party Liquors and Alcohol – Of course New York New Years Eve is not complete without Champagne.  But, you want to make sure there are other choices for the hours before midnight.  Although the men may be disappointed, stay away from beer and go for classier mixed drinks.  Make sure to have an assortment of liquors and mixers for the party as well as New Year’s Eve punch and a large supply of ice to last throughout the night.

5. Party Decorations – To make your event space aesthetically pleasing, decorations are a must.  If you’re having a theme, which you should, coordinate the decorations to the theme.  The trick is finding the perfect amount of decorations – too much gold tinsel just may get messy and wind up creating a tacky effect.  The goal when decorating is to stay classy.

6. Party Favors – Basic party favors for New Year’s Eve parties are easy.  All you really need are noise makers and New Year’s Eve hats and tiaras.  But to make the party something special, give each guest a trinket they can take home and remember the party by.  Something related to the theme or homemade by you will make it extra memorable.

7. Party Music – The type of music you play will depend on the kind of party you are throwing.  If you have a separate space for the kids, play hit New Years musics for the children and back round music, either classical or jazz, for the adults.  It is important to get the volume just right.  Nobody likes to have to scream their conversations, but if the music isn’t loud enough the party atmosphere will be ruined.

8. Party Invitations – For this one you’ll need to plan ahead.  While there are always e-vites, the traditional snail mail is a better option for a classier party.  Once again, make sure if there is a theme that the invitations match the theme and also state explicitly the theme so your guests are not confused.  Also make sure to include an RSPV so that you can plan how much alcohol and food to purchase.

9. Party and Entertainment – When people come to a New Year’s Eve party, they expect to have a good time.  While the company, food, and alcohol are large components, you may also need some entertainment.  If it’s a classy party, the TV on mute with the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Times Square is probably enough.  If the kids are there rent a karaoke machine.  No matter what kind of party you’re having, make sure the ball dropping is on the TV for your guests to enjoy.

10. New Year’s Kiss – Everyone wants that special New Year’s Kiss, so make sure the kids are contained by midnight, the ratio of guys to girls is pretty even, and there’s enough alcohol to make everyone feel extra friendly, and get that perfect New Year’s kiss with that special somebody.

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Happy New Year!!!