New Years Day in NYC: New York New Years
One of the greatest moments I anticipate to experience in NYC is New Years Day...

New York New YearsOne of the greatest moments I anticipate to experience in NYC is New Years Day. Not being a native to the east coast rewards me with the simple pleasures of enjoying the holiday activities like the crazy “after Christmas” sales. Shopping is a vice that most New Yorkers have and is at the top of the list of things to do for out-of-towners. Some of the trendiest attire can be purchased at the lowest prices – start off 2010 right!

Of course, there are the “must-do” activities such as ice skating at Rockefeller Center or checking out one of the many exhibits at the Guggenheim Museum, which is actually open on New Years Day. But if you are someone who is visiting NYC during the busiest time of the year for the city, don’t forget to enjoy the simple things that the city has to offer. Just walking down the street and soaking in the sincere and nostalgic feeling of the holidays and admiring the faint sight of snow flakes off of skyscrapers can be a joy. New Years NYC can be a very romantic city if you are inclined to be in the mood. Taking your significant other on a horse carriage ride through Central Park can definitely be an intimate moment.

If you’re the traditional type, going out to the New Years movies with your loved ones is definitely something that fits the standard. There are always tons of movies during the holidays and what better way to spend time with the ones you love than to watch a new release on the big screen in the big city. If you are a spirited person like me, watching a movie on New Years day should definitely be on the agenda. Movie selection is never really a problem around this time of year as it seems like most quality and heartfelt movies are released during this time, unless you’re into the “huge summer action blockbusters”.

Most of you out there will more than likely be recovering from the epic night before from one of our New York New Years Eve Parties, but if you can salvage yourself to wake up at a decent hour, having brunch with all your friends that you partied the night before with can always be entertaining. You can sit down at the Park Avenue Winter and enjoy a prix fix brunch menu while gossiping with your friends about the drunken events from the night before. If you’re anything like me after a night of drunken debauchery, there is nothing better than to have a nice bowl of Pho at Pho32 to alleviate your hangover. When it comes down to it, your NYC experience on New Years day will all be dependent on what you did on New Years in NYC!