How to Start the New Year Fresh

For many people, the New Year is an opportunity for a fresh beginning.  It’s a time to start over, make resolutions, and forget about the mistakes of the past.  Traditionally, New Year’s resolutions go something like this: lose weight, quit smoking, exercise more, help people, organization.  And most of the time we are quite certain that we will attain our goals… For about one week.  Then, almost inevitably, our hectic schedules and reality take over and we veer off the path once again.

To stay on track on 2010, start with a more detailed, realistic resolution.  Instead of swearing you will lose 20 pounds in January, make it a reasonable 2 pounds per week, and come up with a plan of action.  Instead of joining a New York gym and promising yourself you’ll go everyday for 3 hours, try one hour 3 times a week.  It will be much easier to attain your goals if they’re realistic.  So quell the urge to sign up for every volunteer organization you’ve ever heard of, and focus on one or two that you can dedicate some quality time to.

One of the best ways to start the New Year fresh is to get organized.  Even if it’s not your specific resolution, it’s always good to begin anew in a clean space.  So whether it’s your house, room, locker or even your car, spend a day throwing out everything you don’t need.  Getting rid of the old clutter around you makes it easier to welcome in the new things… like the healthy food and new treadmill.

Another great way to welcome in a fresh 2010 is by quitting something and starting something new.  Think of your worst habit.  Is it the pack a day you smoke?  Is it the pint of ice cream you go through each week?  Is it the guy or girl you know isn’t good for you?  Give them up.  You don’t need them, and your life will be better off without them.  Simply replace them with something more fulfilling.  This could be anything; a new food, a new activity, a new love interest.

Make sure 2010 New Year's Eve isn’t like last time.  Starting off with a clean space will make it easier to follow through on your more reasonable resolutions.  Accomplishing your goals will take time and patience, but if you set your mind to it there are many things you can achieve.

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