New Years Eve Style
Our Top Elegant Dress Choice..

You've probably had about enough of our New Year's Eve perfect dress talk, no? We've spent some time catering to the party girls looking for the ideal frock to bedazzle the night away that we almost forgot about the Olivia Palermos of the world--those who will attend an "uptown" party, where company will don furs, snub Louboutins, and slip on gloves up to their shoulders with jewelry to complement. In other words, a ball gown. We're all for the elegant NYC NYE parties (and anticipate invitations, as well), but there's nothing more fitting than a long Lanvin gown. To me, and I am speaking from experience, Lanvin preserves its elegance - but there's a sprinkle of a wild girl under all of that fabric and makeup. Is that you? Check out our top elegant dress choice to celebrate your NYE. Luckily for you, from the looks of it, you won't have to purchase too much additional jewelry. Work, girlfriend!