New York New Years Eve Party Themes

New Year's Eve Party NYCIf you’re throwing a party on 2010 New Year’s Eve, you might want to consider giving it a theme.  Traditionally, New Year’s Eve parties tend to be cocktail attire, but spice up the party and make it more memorable by adding some variations to the theme.  The perfect New Year’s Eve theme party will be subtle, classy, and easy to pull off.

One theme to try is picking a color.  Black and White is a classic theme that your guests will be able to find an outfit for easily.  Stay away from colors that suit only women, i.e. pink and purple, and try metallic colors like gold and silver.  Choosing a color is a simple way to create a theme for your New Year’s Eve party.

Another great theme for your New Year’s Eve party is New York New Year’s Eve in another decade.  Choose your decade according to how you want your guests to dress.  If you want the occasion to stay classy chose the 20’s and your guests will arrive decked out in flapper dresses and suits.  If you’re looking for a more laid back atmosphere try the 70’s and you’ll have a house full of laid back hippies.

So this year, ditch the traditional cocktail attire and spice up your New Year’s Eve party with a little something special.  Whether it’s a black and white party, a gold themed party, or a dress up as a flapper party, your guests are sure to enjoy the night.

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