New Years Eve Accessories

Simplicity speaks volumes in terms of fashion. This New Years Eve go with a simple ensemble kicked up a notch by some fierce accessories.

New Years Eve Accessories

New Years Eve at an NYC bar is sure to be packed with outrageous outfits on both men and women. Many people use New Years Eve as an excuse to dress completely outlandish.

A dress is the staple garment for women on New Years Eve. Go with a solid color dress and find some great dangling sparkly earrings or an extra long necklace to compliment the dress. Don’t forget about shoes, silver is always a great option on New Years Eve, it gives a festive vibe by mimicking the color of the New Years Eve ball.

A tie can be the perfect accent to any dress shirt for you gentlemen. Your simple outfit consisting of slacks and a dress shirt can be “tied” together with some color. Wear a brightly colored solid or striped tie to add a little pop to your ensemble, helping you to stand out from the average guy at a NYC nightclub on New Years.