Why You Should Already Be Thinking About New Year's Eve
6 months to plan the perfect night out.


July 1st doesn't just mark the beginning of a new month, it also signifies that we are half way through the year. While it seems like 2010 began mere weeks ago, in just as much time we will be celebrating the start of 2011. In that line of thinking, here are the top 3 reasons you should already be thinking about New Year's Eve:


1) Price. The sooner you make plans and book tickets for whichever club you want to celebrate at, the cheaper it will be. No one wants to be that guy or gal who waits until December 31st to decide and ends up stuck in a line outside all night like those chumps in Times Square. Do your research now and get ready for a night to remember.

2) Commitments. We all have those friends who like to flake out on plans on the last second. "Oh wait, you mean that's today..?" By setting an agenda now, you'll be able to make sure that everyone has it written on their calendar in permanent ink so when the time comes, your whole crew will be there. Just don't forget the 'save the date' cards.

3) Resolution Planning. You said you'd be on a diet last year, and the year before you were supposed to find a boy/girlfriend, but this year is going to be different. Rather than rehashing the same, tired resolutions, use the extra time to come up with something exciting. In 2011 I want to finally go to space camp (only 15 years after seeing those sweet TV commercials) or travel to Africa for a safari. That way, even if you know you'll fail in keeping it once again, at least it will sound cool when you tell your friends.