Fried Mozzarella Balls
Epicurious.com made me curious to try these

Some cheese and a deep fryer. What is there not to like about this magical mixture of ingredients? Ok, lets be honest; this is not the most healthy treat created by mankind. BUT every once in a while it's ok to fill your mouth with as many of these cheesy balls as you can handle. My girlfriend and I, well we decided that this New Year's, we will stuff ourselves with these tasty fried pieces of perfection. 






About 5 cups vegetable oil

1 pound drained marinated bocconcini (small mozzarella balls), patted dry.

3 large eggs, well beaten.

1 cup flour

1 cup plain fine dry bread crumbs, or even better; ‘panko’ (Japanese bread crumbs)

*try a spicy marinara jar sauce as a dipper*


Before you can eat, you have to make them so heat up the oil to 360 °F in a medium sized saucepan.

This is a procedure where you want ,and need to be organized. SO. Take 3 bowls (where you eat your corn flakes, that’s fine) and put the flour in one bowl, the beaten eggs in the second and bread crumbs in the third. Keep them in this order, you’ll thank me later.

Take each bocconcini and roll them around in the flour bowl, making sure to evenly coat the balls with flour. Then dip them in the egg bowl (so the breadcrumbs will stick to each ball) and roll them in the bread crumb bowl. I like to do this procedure twice to get them extra coated.

Deep-fry these balls of goodness until, yes, golden brown. Season them with some salt, dip them in a warm spicy tomato sauce before each bite, or, eat them as they are. Why not?

Salud !