What's Dark, Shiny, and Glamorous All Over?
...Your NYE make-up, care of the adorable Michelle Phan.

NYE party plans? Check. LBD? Check. Bedazzling eyes? Check - once you've watched YouTube sensation and beauty guru Michelle Phan's tutorial below, that is. In this episode, she dishes out her recipe for a gaze so glamorous that once you've locked eyes with that dreamboat across the bar, he won't be able to look away.

Sounds great, right? And it's super-easy, too. Phan always makes her various guises look like effortless (how does she do it without a mirror?!), but this look really is quite simple and only requires a few key products beyond what you most likely already have.

The essentials that you may need to go out and buy: dark cosmetic glitter, silver cosmetic glitter, black cream shadow. Plenty of glitzy options are dominating store product already for NYE's predecessor, Halloween, so you can find what you need whether your budget can accommodate M.A.C. or CVS. Other than that, your basics include foundation, concealer, powder, clear shimmer lipgloss, a subtle-toned blush.

If this is your first time venturing with glitter, try giving the look a test drive before the big night. As fabulous as it is, the eye bling can get a bit messy. See how Phan tames hers below, and watch her go from familiar to flirtatious in just nine minutes.