Must Have Additions To Your Outfit This New Year's Eve
A guide to the best accessories to go with that LBD this NYE

1.  Flats once “heel time” runs out

Let’s face it ladies, as much as we love what those 5 inch platforms do for our posture, legs and butt, the “heel time” on them is about 2 hours tops, less if you’re standing the entire time.  A necessary addition to your clutch will be some type of disposable flat so that you’re not battling blisters on your feet for the next week.  Try to space out how much time you’ll be seen wearing them and try to find a seat somewhere, even for five minutes at a time.  Once the ball drops, throw on those flats and party the rest of the night away comfortably.

2. A clutch with a wristband

NYE is the biggest celebration of the year, which means lots of drinking, dancing and general fun times with your friends.  There’s nothing worse than having to lug around a gigantic bag filled with your make-up, wallet and various other necessities for the night.  Just bust out your credit card, ID, a few bucks, lip gloss and mirror and stuff them in a handy clutch.  Make sure the wristband is attached so that you can freely swing your arms up in celebration and toast your champagne to the new year with ease.

3. Ibuprofen to prevent the hangover

A sure-fire preventive measure, make sure to hydrate as much as possible for the days leading up to that big party and take a few ibuprofen before you leave the house to try and ward off the inevitable hangover you’ll be nursing the next day.  While heavy drinking is virtually unavoidable, there’s no need to wake up the next morning cursing the night before.  Hold on to those happy memories forever and ever!

4. A good champagne to chug when the ball drops

NYE is not NYE without champagne to toast at midnight, for a number of reasons.  We need to wish all our loved ones well in the new year and that is not possible without the proper libation.  Champagne is also lighter in calories than the harder stuff and NYE requires that a drink be in one’s hand all night long.  Can you imagine if vodka were the drink of choice for the evening?  Alcohol poisoning would run rampant in the city.  That being said, while the cheap stuff may suffice for any other time of year, this is the one time you and your buds need to do it up right.  Splurge on at least one bottle (split it with friends if your budget is an issue) on Veuve Cliquot or maybe even Moet!  Even if it’s just one glass for the midnight toast, it’s worth it.  Your taste buds will thank you for it and will add to the NYE spirit.

5.  NYE top hat when ball drops

If there’s any night to wear silly looking accessories, then NYE is it.  Throw on that silly little black top hat with the string that runs under your chin and have a blast being ridiculous.