Kiss & Tell
Start the year off right with a New Years kiss from that special someone.

  The recession may be a thing of the past, a bruise on the economy that is still in the healing process, but this doesn’t mean we should all forget the lessons learned about spending beyond our means. How then does a man impress the girl of his dreams to snag that coveted NYE kiss? One word fellas – chivalry! Despite popular belief, it’s not dead, but alive and kicking. And what’s even better? Good manners are completely free. You can make that lucky girl feel like a million bucks without even spending a dime. So skip the expensive dinner and two dozen roses (a single long stem will suffice) and pull out her chair and open the door for her every chance you get. Tell her she’s beautiful and remember to treat everyone around you with kindness as well. So if you don’t want to be the guy standing all by his lonesome as the ball drops, ditch the pride and eat a big ole’ slice of humble pie, followed by a breadth mint of course.