Gary Spencer: The Style Of Nightlife
To end one year and to begin another. In style.

Hi Joonbuggers !

Its been a whole month since I have been here, Seems like much longer right ?

Lots to catch up on, I’ve been a busy boy so lets get right into it.

Style and Nightlife, that’s what Chet, Joonbug's Editor-In-Chief said when they asked me to start writing this column. Well, those of you that have been avid readers will know that there has been a lot of nightlife, but very little style apart from when I went on Fashion's Night Out. In this week's piece of my diary we are going to change all that because instead of me doing a 5 Questions in 5 minutes I am going to write a small piece all about Andrew and Julia Clancey, two very stylish Brits who both love New York and Los Angeles.

I suppose I better bring you up to speed on just what I have been up to the past few weeks. Before that  I would sincerely like to thank the Editor of Joonbug Mr. Chet Jordan for all the help and guidance he has given me in my short time working with him. Chet is moving on at the end of the month.

Well so much has happened I don’t really know where to start – I suppose AJNA would be as good a place seeing as the Friday night party there has become such a success, so good in fact that I decided to hold my Birthday party there, and what a great night it was too. With an ever increasing guest list I finally got all my favourite New Yorkers and Brits in one room  and eventually I was kicked out by the doorman at 4.30 am!  So, I guess that tells me it was an AMAZING evening.

I was invited along to a  nice gathering to the launch of Urban Boulder a brand new jewelry line owned by my good friends Remo and Lisa, the collection is inspired by the urban landscape of New York City and the raw materials  from the boulders of Remo’s native Queensland Australia, not that you want to know any of that, you just want to know about the party, and who was there, well who was there?  Everyone!

Great to see the forward thinking people over at The Standard Hotel have put an ice skating rink at the hotel for the festive season.  It's about time the people downtown can now spend an hour or two making complete idiots of themselves. I’m waiting for the signs on the walls telling the patrons that the ice is slippery - (contents of this coffee cup are hot)

Andrew and Julia Clancey both love the US and in particular New York City and Los Angeles. Andrew, a former celebrity stylist has an amazing store down in the LES called “Any Old Iron.”  It's packed full of great pieces from up and coming designers and every one of them design out of the UK. Although it only opened earlier this year, the store has been so successful that Andrew hopes to open another branch in the West Village and then take his concept over to Japan . Meanwhile his bubbly sister Julia has already enjoyed mainstream success with her own label and also designing gowns for a very select band of people that include Mariah Carey, Kiera Knightly, Faith Hill and Victoria Beckham also will be showing her diffusion line at Any Old Iron which is aimed at a slightly younger crowd and is perfect for the club scene. Recently in New York to show her archive and mainline collection Julia along with party hostess Amanda Lepore held the closing party of “The Big Top.”  With over a thousand attendees and Lepore on top form Julias collection wowed the audience.  She is currently working on the styling of Sienna Miller's new movie Two Hussars, which is  written and Directed by Bernard Rose. And Julia has the role as Head of Costume.

And that’s about it from me for 2010 , I thank you all for dropping by from time to time, its been a lot of fun so far and I hope to back soon early next year.

Take care-