The Gatekeepers
Profiles on some of Manhattan's most notorious A-list doormen.

Want to know how to get into Manhattan’s most exclusive clubs? The NY Post’s Page Six Magazine interviewed some of the city’s most notorious doormen in hopes of figuring out what makes them lift the velvet rope.

At Goldbar, Johhny Lennon says he is offered sex on a nightly basis and recounts a specific incident with a ‘well-endowed’ patron: “I had a girl [last week] say, 'Don't you like these?' while pointing at her breasts.” Lennon’s door is rumored to be the tightest in town and the presence of only 12 tables inside (two of which must be saved for celebrities every night) doesn’t help loosen the reigns. However, Lennon adds his own personal touch to the club’s mix, allowing skateboarding hipsters in along with the A-list crowd and sometimes giving a break to dudes who want to impress their dates.

The infamous Wass, the doorman at Marquee, says that in the midst of the recession, he’s charged with choosing the people who will drop a ‘titanium card'. "[Nightclubs] have to pay bills. A landlord doesn't care if you have Gisele and five of her model buddies when the rent is due." Still, Wass is a professional. He’ll let in the glitz and glam, but he can also recognize Manhattan’s less sparkling movers and shakers.

1Oak may be one of the toughest doors to get through, but doorman Binn admits that he lets in “artsy types” as well as people who are “humble.” However, he doesn’t respond to perseverance: “Perseverance is a great attribute to have in life," he sighs, "but if you've been turned away a few times and you still keep coming back then you might start being perceived as desperate." With a guest list full of celebrities like Heidi Klum and Beyonce, no wonder everyone is scrambling to get in.

The article also features Bijoux’s doorman, Frans Nieuwendam, and Angelo Bianchi from Beatrice Inn. Some of the profiles contain some personal bits of info about the legendary gatekeepers—ammunition, perhaps, for the next time you try to pass through the velvet rope?