Paramount Bar Brings Old-School Glamour Back to Times Square
The former venue of choice for Marilyn, Yoko, and Liza makes its comeback

The Paramount Hotel has had over 80 years to build its reputation, but despite hosting the prestigious memorial luncheon for Andy Warhol in 1987 (with Yoko Ono and Liza Minelli), its best years may be yet to come.  Closed for renovations in 1988 (and again in 2009 after switching ownership in 2007), Paramount has been revamped and has just been completed with the recent reopening of Paramount Bar.  Times Square may be considered the "land of the tourists" (and thus, forbidden territory) by most New Yorkers, but the stunning interior of this hotel bar was designed to give locals a tasteful hideout from the masses picture-taking in the middle of the sidewalk.

Located above the formally famous Diamond Horseshoe Ballroom, a magnet for movie stars and bigwig businessmen in its peak time, Paramount Bar's design strives to preserve what Susan Jacques, the space's interior designer, dubs "Old Hollywood Glamour." 

Being that the Paramount Hotel is also home to the renown Library Bar, Jacques said her design team's goal was "to create a more intimate and exclusive venue within the property that would pay homage to the iconic patrons who have graced the hotel throughout history."

It's expected to attract celebs and high-profile patrons, while still remaining accessible and comfortable for regular New Yorkers just looking to sit back and let the black-and-white photos, crystal chandeliers, and classic cocktails dissolve their stress.

The drink menu includes a number of signature drinks (like "Disco Punch", "Billy Rose's Fizz", and "Crazy for Love") as well as classics with a modern twist.  Paramount Bar doesn't serve food, but you can grab small appetizers and such at the Library Bar upstairs.

As for music, the bar will feature a string of female DJ's that "know just how to get the night off to a perfect start" says the venue's entertainment director, Senem Sozen. The lineup so far includes DJ Anna Cavazos (who spins disco, dance, soul, deep house, and funk), French singer and DJ Charlotte Balibar (disco, euro, French pop, groove, Brazilian, Latin, and electro), and New Zealand DJ Nicole Leone (dance, pop, raggae, and funk).

WIth the music variety, drinks for every taste, and comfortable, private escape from the madness transpiring outside, Paramount Bar is going to be up there on every New Yorker's list of go-to places - Times Square is back!  (Well...the Paramount is, at least.)

235 West 46th St. (@ 8th Ave), (212) 764-5400