The Naked Apple: Tinie Tempah and DJ Jesse Marco
(and serenading Usher)
























Last Wednesday night I went out for a friends birthday.  We had dinner at Beauty and Essex in the lower east side.  This place is fairly new, and the food is pretty yummy. I had the lobster tacos.  And for all you shopoholics like me, there's a small store selling all sorts of random jewelry and odds and ends when you first walk into the restaurant.  The hostesses were super nice and even charged my dead phone. Now onto the good stuff… the rest of the night was a giant blur. We went to Avenue after dinner, where we ended up hanging out with Usher and Maxwell.  I sang Justin Bieber songs to Usher, I was shocked when he didn't offer me a record deal.  Clearly he didn't recognize my raw talent. Around 3am,  we all headed over to 1oak and there was surprise performance by Tinie Tempah, the British rapper who has that hit "Written in the Stars." He rapped about 3 songs and disappeared.  Jesse Marco was djing at 1oak besides being super cute he's definitely one of the best DJs out there right now. I loved his entire eclectic playlist.