Aloha Alcoholics! NYC's Best Tropical Bars: Part I
End your summer with a tropical bang at the best tropical bars around

End your summer with a tropical bang...and not the kind Irene threw your way. Hit up some of the city's best tropical bars if you can't make it to the Hamptons or splurge on that last minute cruise. Here's a list of some of our favorites.

The Hurricane Club














Tropical themed bars can get a little cheesy...but this spot is heating up in all the right ways. Expect to find sophisticated decor with shell stone fireplaces, mosquito net curtains, and chandeliers. This Polynesian-inspired happening has cocktails a-plenty for the extremely parched. Served as a punch, or in your choice of coconut, melons, or red peppers, this place well deserves your lovin'. 

Lani Kai

Sip a Mai Tai at this tropical paradise...or the closest thing to it you can find in New York. Cozy up next to their fire place with your significant other and make believe you're at a lovers retreat far far away. Decked out with wooden paneling and furniture along with tropical accents, this is your typical wannabe vacation spot for the non-vacationers. 



Much like the rest of NYC's tropical hot spots, expect to find bamboo, colored lights, and a tiki vibe. Down their signature drink, the Painkiller (rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice, orange juice), or opt for the more dangerous (aka an alcoholic's dream) flaming scorpion bowl. What more could this place offer? Free hot dogs to slow down the spinning room! Woo hoo!

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