Bounce Sporting Club
A sports bar like no other!

If sports bars were like cars, then Bounce Sporting Club would be somewhere between a Cadillac and a Porsche. It has that classical feel with its antiqued oak furniture and vintage scoreboard, mixed with a cool, sleek vibe with 30-flat screen TVs. This new Flatiron sports joint officially opened it's doors to the public for the NFL Kickoff last Thursday and is having its opening party tomorrow night with Q-tip djing. 

Walls are covered with sporting relics and you can sit on comfy leather booths. Although you can still have a beer on tap, make sure you try one of the cocktails by mixologist Charlotte Voisey. We recommend you also try duck confit sliders and spicy chicken wings straight from Koreatown. Make sure you check out the Living Room, the perfect space for private parties. This is really the perfect place for all you non sports fans. 

Where: 55 W 21st St
(between 5th and 6th Ave)
New York, NY 10011