The Naked Apple: NAS' Bday & Jesse Marco Spins 1Oak
Another night of action!

I'm almost out of my pasta carb coma! One of my most beautiful friends had her birthday party at Box last night. I haven't been there in so long, but let me tell you….ignore all those ugly rumors…..the shows are still beyond normal mental comprehension.  I couldn't take pictures, but I literally witnessed a fat lady stabbing her camel toe with a butcher knife. Now I'm sure this was hopefully staged…I at least tell myself that!!!!  Beyond that crazy show, a few really talented people really showed that they need to be off the box stage and onto something much more. 


























I next went to NAS' birthday party at 1Oak….but shockingly enough, I didn't run into him! But… Jesse Marco was spinning his amazing beats all over the place. It's no secret'  but he is one of my favorite DJs. Maxwell as well as many entourage stars rocked to his beats all night long.  So, I'm going to wrap up the night I had in two word: Again tomorrow?