Snag a Piece of Rock 'n' Roll History
Bid on amazing items at Guernsey's upcoming rock 'n' roll auction

Guernsey's is putting on the auction of a lifetime. The auction house, known for many prestigious offerings, including items and paraphernalia of Princess Diana, Mickey Mantle, John F. Kennedy, and many more, is putting on a rock 'n' roll auction, with one-of-a-kind items. The auction will take place September 24th and 25th and there will be a chance to preview the auction on the 23rd.

I was able to snag an exclusive interview with Arlan Ettinger, President of Guernsey's, about the upcoming auction. Head to the auction on Saturday to bid on (or watch others) the famous Manny's Music original inscribed photographs of celebrities such as Frank Sinatra, Janis Joplin, and The Rolling Stones. Manny's Music was an iconic store that contained thousands of signed photographs of music's biggest names. Also on Saturday will be original photographs of The Beatles, outfits from the band Kiss, and original letters and artwork by John Lennon.

Sunday will be dedicated to Astrid Kirchherr's original photographs of The Beatles. Astrid, who was engaged to Stuart Sutcliffe before his untimely death, produced some of the most iconic photos of The Beatles ever taken. There are nearly 1000 photos being auctioned, along with the negatives and copyrights to the photos.

How exactly does an auction like this come together? Arlan divulged that he was contacted about a year ago to meet with Astrid in Germany. Ettinger, who has been doing auctions for over 35 years, has spent his career building relationships and has learned to deal sensitively with the sentimental items of others. It took nine months to put together this particular auction.

There has been great interest in this event, from people all over the world. Luckily, with the help of LiveAuctioneers.com, people may now bid in real time from wherever they are, so even if you can't make it to good ol' NYC, you can still acquire a piece of history. People of all ages (including celebs) bid at these fun events. Check out some of the items to be auctioned!









Pictured above is Elvis Presley's first guitar, which cost him no more than $10 at the time, and is now held together by masking tape.






Pictured above is the jacket of Bruce Kulick of the band Kiss.







Pictured above are some of the Manny's photographs, which could sell anywhere from $100 to $1 million.








Pictured above is the original artwork of Stuart Sutcliffe, the 5th Beatle. This work of art is a mixed media image on newsprint orginating from Germany, which indicates he produced this during his time as a Beatle.










Pictured above is original artwork by Jimi Hendrix. There will be six of his renderings auctioned off at this event and there are thought to be about 50 fully completed works in existence. 









Pictured above is an original letter written by John Lennon.







Pictured above is one of the infamous Astrid Kirchherr photographs. Guess who!

What 's the next event we can expect from Guernsey's? All that we were able to find out is that it will be a well-known celebrity auction and should be announced a few weeks following the rock 'n' roll auctions, so keep your ears open!

Friday, September 23rd: Preview runs from 11am-9pm

Saturday, September 24th: Preview begins at 10am. Auction begins at 1pm

Sunday, September 25th: Preview begins at 10am. Auction begins at 12pm