The Naked Apple: EMM'S Lexington Brass is Sweet
Rave reviews for Lexington Brass!

Lexington Brass. Two words that make up the name to the  yummiest new restaurant in midtown! The geniuses behind Tenjune, Abe and Arthur's and SL, the EMM group, opened this eatery last week.  I originally went to this place looking for a happy hour spot in midtown but discovered so much more. It actually opens at 7am for breakfast and has a impressive lunch menu as well. The cocktail list was unique with drinks like "penicillin" and my personal favorite "sweet savannah" which is made with Absolut wild tea, it's a naughty iced tea, minty, refreshing drink. One really cool thing about this place is that it has a wine tap!!!! They have both white and red wine on tap! Not only is it an amazing concept, but it makes for a fresh glass of wine. I sampled some things from the dinner menu and I have to say, if I was an inmate on death row my last meal on earth would be Lexington Brass's NY strip and their sweet corn ravioli. The food was so good, I was left speechless for once in my life. I've traveled the world, eaten at the best restaurants and I'm going to make a bold statement right now, the BEST desserts I have ever had was the candy bar and upside down cheesecake from this restaurant. The candy bar is a blend of chocolate, crispy-amazingness mixed with a little George Clooney and Bradley Cooper. YUM YUM. For all of you who work or live in the midtown east area, you need to come check this spot out.The food is truly beyond delicious and the happy hour is one of the best in Midtown, packed  with lots of attractive 20 and 30 somethings.  This place has it all; great breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, happy hour, and hot men and women to look at while you eat your candy bar.


Lexington Brass- 517 Lexington Ave (between 48th and 49 street)