Movie Theaters to Begin Serving Alcohol
A new state law will allow you to catch a drink before catching a movie.

If you forgot your smuggling supplies, and you don't know how you're going to survive the newest Bradley Cooper rom-com, fear no more.  You might just be able to numb the pain by tossing back a beer.

A new state law will allow movie theaters to serve alcohol -- as long they "have table seating and a full restaurant menu selection."

The law will allow more venues to offer dinner and a movie with a legitimate alcohol license, and will allow theaters like Williamsburg's Nitehawk Cinema and Greenwich Village's Angelika Film Center to add alcohol to their cafe menus.  But big name cinemas like AMC are also tapping the keg -- they already serve alcohol in New Jersey, and are quickly readying themselves to make their New York locations booze-friendly.

The law repeals one of the last holdouts from the Prohibition era -- concert venues and Broadway houses have been able to sell drinks for decades, but movie theaters were still off-limits.  

Brooklyn businessman Matthew Viragh, who recently founded Nitehawk Cinema, began pushing for the change in the spring, after experiencing the wonder of legally drinking during a movie in Virginia.  After hiring a lawyer and a lobbyist, the law successfully passed through the state senate on August 17.