This Metro North Train Goes South of the Border
Quiero beber
 Let's face it, when you first heard, 'one fish, two fish, red fish blue fish'. You never thought it would turn to, 'one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FLOOR!' Yet when you come to recently-opened La
Biblioteca, you combine the two to understand exactly what Dr. Suess was thinking when he wrote that book.

 The name literally translates to, 'The Library' in spanish and it fills out the definition to the fullest, only instead of books, the sacred derivitive from the agave plant (tequila) is checked in and out. You can literally come here and check in your favorite bottle of tequila, say- 750mL of Avion silver (6 months free of charge). But don't just stop right there- there are over 400 different types of tequila. That's right, 400. Or maybe you can just go with what the librarian suggests, with a large guacamole and fresh tortilla chips.
At $5 you can't go wrong! But if you've got more of a sweet tooth, opt out for the churro; $3. Help from the librarian here is well needed, as they will aid in pairing a good shot of tequila, with that cinnamon sugary confection. The decor of the room is best described as everything you'd expect a lounge to have- antique persian rugs, leather couches, candles everywhere, and to keep the latin theme going, there are quite a few mexican chairs for a perfect dash of character.
The one point that is primarily highlighted is the fact that you can come here and lock up your bottle of tequila and keep it on reserve. Save it for that big promotion, or one of those nights that you're out studying late, the name does translate to 'library'.