Corner Pocket: Wet Your Whistle for Halloween
Death, revenge, and love...oh my!

You probably noticed the pool reference in the title of the show Corner Pocket, but this play is about way more than a friendly game of pool. The show follows strangely-named Manayunk through her whirlwind of an afterlife, in which she finds out her husband is cheating on her, her pool shark enemy is better than her, and, oh yeah, she's been murdered.

If it sounds a little strange, that's because it is. But I can't deny that I was completely entertained throughout the whole show. Brought you by Extant Arts, who debuts Andy James Hoover's New York premiere of the show, as well as the company's own fully-staged world premiere, this show touches upon basic human instincts -- jealousy, lust, love, revenge.

Eric Sutton does a terrific job portraying pitiful Manayunk's 'spirit animal.' That's right, in this world, all those who die are assigned a spirit animal (who needs an angel anyway?) to guide them onward. Unfortunately, this poor guy is stuck with a woman hellbent on revenge and refuses to move on. Weave through the events leading up to Manayunk's death as well as what happens after as she spies on her husband, his lover, and his sisters. All the parts are well cast and each actor/actress portrays their role with enthusiasm. This is the perfect story to get you in the mood for Halloween-- full of death, ghosts, spirit possession, and more death.


Manayunk Ellison O'Hara- Virginia Logan

Tess Chin - Alexandra Hellquist

Glen O'Hara - James Liebman

Karen O-Hara - Kari Swenson Riely

Kym O'Hara - Mary Schneider

Spirit Animal - Eric Sutton













Come and see CORNER POCKET October 7 - 23, Thursday through Saturday at 8 pm, Sunday, October 9 & 16 at 7pm, Sunday, October 23 at 3pm at the Gene Frankel Theatre (24 Bond Street, just off Lafayette)