Recession Approved: Cheapest Happy Hours in NYC
A guide to getting the most booze for your buck

Being a young barhopper in New York can be tough.  Your friends who moved to Nashville call to tell you about their wild night, and here you are, plopping down your last 7 dollars on a pint of Rolling Rock.  But fear not, draft hounds: justice comes to all in the form of happy hour.  We've scoured the city for the best deals this side of South Dakota, and while the drinks may not be top shelf, at least your wallet won't be hung over the next morning.


Bourbon Street (407 Amsterdam Avenue)

If you thought the Upper West Side was quiet, you haven't been there on a Thursday night.  Bourbon Street's "Beat the Clock Night" turns the Mardi Gras themed joint into a free-for-all: from 9-10pm, you can get a Bud draft for 50 cents.  Yes, cents.  At 10pm, prices double to $1, and for post-midnight latecomers the price is raised again...to a hefty two dollars per draft.  It's the closest thing New Yorkers have to a frat party.




Three of Cups (85 First Avenue)

This East Village bar's happy hour would be pretty straightforward if it weren't five hours long.  From 5-8pm, Three of Cup's bar offers $4 wine and well drinks, along with 20% off any restaurant tabs from 5-6:30.  At 8pm, the party moves into the lounge, where the $4 drink deal continues.  If you're looking for something a little more watered down, arrive on a weeknight and grab a $2 Pabst.


1849 (183 Bleecker Street)

On a Friday night, you'll have to wade through throngs of NYU students if you want to saddle up at this Old West-inspired saloon.  But if you can make it before 8pm, 1849 will slap a "50% off" sticker on your drink any night of the week.  For the night owls, we recommend stopping by on a school night: "Loco Tuesdays" feature $2 Coronas and $2 Cuervo shots, and Wednesdays encourage group outings with $7 pitchers and 20 cent wings.



123 Burger Shot Beer (738 10th Avenue)

This is an all-day, every day deal, but it was too good for us not to share: $1 burgers, $2 shots, $3 beers.  The burgers at this Hell's Kitchen haunt are small -- think White Castle, without the fear of disease -- but at this price, the 3 burger minimum isn't much of an issue.  The $3 beer deal applies to all of its 12 drafts, including Stella, Blue Moon, and Blue Point, which will hopefully drown out the taste of the shots, which taste as cheap as they are.  All in all, a rip-roaring good time for under $10 is our idea of the Happiest Hour.


Gotham City Lounge (1293 Myrtle Avenue, Bushwick)

It's a bird!  It's a plane!  It's...a one dollar beer!  Brooklyn proves once again why it parties harder and cheaper at this comic-book-geek's-dream-come-true: every Tuesday, cans of PBR cost a superhero-worthy $1.  Add that to the all day, every day combo of $3 whiskey shots and Pabst, and you'd have to use kryptonite to keep us away.