Making the Best of NYC's Frigid Winter
Cold weather got you down? Bundle up and get outside for Central Park, Rockefeller Center, The Met, and more!

It's upon us. The brutal,infamous NYC winter. We already got a little taste of it with the recent (way too early!) snow storm. While we're enjoying a streak of beautiful fall days as of late, the pleasure won't last as the frigid winter sneaks upon us. It's inevitable, so we might as well make the best of all NYC has to offer during the winter months. As it is quite beautiful in its own right. While there’s something to make each season your favorite, we can’t help but love both summer concerts and winter galas. We have to admit that the allure of getting high off of crisp air and shopping on 5th just before Christmas, is insurmountable. It might be the fact that everything glistens, and glimmers, from the diamond shine of falling snow to the crackling warmth of your portable Manhattan fireplace. So in celebration of the coziest time of the year, here or our top things to do in and around NYC this winter.


1. Walk in Central Park: Arm in arm with your cute date, hot chocolate or coffee in your gloved hands. That’s an NYC must when exploring the city on a date. And when you’re sick of walking, stop off over at Columbus Circle for some gourmet eats and shopping. Hint: Wear earthy colors to show warmth in the harsh winter months.


2. Window Shop on 5th Avenue: This includes the glimmer of Cartier (the excitement alone of walking under their Holiday display is enough to make a girl scream), the old fashioned must of accessory-haven Henri Bendel, and even the childhood bit of nostalgia we feel upon entry of an FAO Schwartz. While it pales in comparison to the magic of its old location, we still love FAO for its huge, expensive toys, reminiscent of that scene in Big, or the one in Home Alone 2.




 3. Radio City Music Hall, Times Square, Rockefeller Center: Just go ahead and get all these lil’ NYC jewels out of the way. You’ll love the corny tourist-in-our-own-city vibe and with the countless monuments, views, and shows, you can create your own unique experience. Hint: Try to include the lighting of the tree at Rockefeller Center-it’s unforgettable.




 4. The Met, AMNH, or Gugenheim: When you see the power of a relationship that stems deeper than every day chit chat, one that rejoices in history and art, you realize that anything is possible. That’s what history and art- seeing into artifacts or a person’s perspective on beauty- are there to teach us. So to be able to spend a cold winter day inside learning about Versailles or Dinosaurs is classic.




 5. Spa Day: This is a great activity to share with friends, beaus, or just by yourself. It’s important to pamper and maintain with warm wraps, exfoliation, and facials, of course. Let’s not forget that it’s still NYC, and we’re still gorgeous. Try Bliss Spa, J. Sisters, or Completely Bare. Hint: If you have an extra day or two, book a nice hotel room with a spa package. That way you’re getting some quality away time dedicated relaxation. Look on Luxurylink.com to see options.



6. Fun Classes: Just because it’s getting cold outside, doesn’t mean you should be lazing around watching Once Upon a Time and Gossip Girl. It is the perfect opportunity to try something new, wear a sexy burlesque corset under your wool coat for a taste of naughty dancing, or try your hand at being a DIY Diva or Reality TV Actress. For more option go here.





  7. Once-In-a-Lifetime parties and events: If you don't have the invites to Fashion Week parties, NYE bashes, or elite celeb get-togethers, check out private sales websites like Giltcity.com, Ruelala.com, and Livingsocial.com. Among the many options like restaurants, charity galas, and concerts, you gain entry to some of the hottest events NYC has to offer. Check them out and try something new. You won’t regret it.