NYC's Latest Openings
Ludlow Manor, W.i.P, Sea Witch, Viktor & Spoils, Allswell, Stash amongst the latest new spots in the city!

There's definitely a theme this Holiday 2011 and that is mixing tradition with modern to create exciting nouveau flavors, atmospheres, and ideas. Why not indulge in something you've never experienced before? Here's our guide to NYC's latest new spots. Cheers!

Greenwich Village Country Club

In a city that has it all --class, culture, excitement, innovation, it’s always refreshing when a spot like Greenwich Village Country Club opens its doors. Nestled above its brother bowling alley, Bowlmor Lanes, this mega-entertainment center is newly opened and catered to all the fun you desire. While satisfying your nostalgic love for mini-golf, shuffleboard, and David Burke’s classic Bowlmor Bob Slider, and your effort to create memories with friends, beaus, and fam. We love the kitchen interior (think blue diamond sock print accenting the walls, green golf themed lights atop the bar and did we mention it turns into a bopping GVillage lounge at night?) But if you’re a bier connoisseur and don’t feel like paying a whopping $7 for a PBR go to a recession-friendly sports bar to pregame with some $1 PBR specials like Johnson's on Rivington or Cherry Tavern in Chelsea. All in all though, with everything from service, food, to fun, the Greenwich Village Country Club has you covered.

The Orchard House

So remember when APL opened a few months ago? Well LES, get ready to say hello to your new, improved gastropub, Orchard House. Making the good choice to keep the Shepard Fairey interior of color, pop, and sleek wood accents, you can expect change to come from where it counts; in the food, service, and atmosphere. We have to say it, with delicious choices like the dry-aged beef ribeye shorthand with potato puree, truffled spinach, and green peppercorn ($42) and the Cox orange pippen apple fritters with spiced hard cider dip ($6), our mouths are already watering. Come ready to spend a pretty penny for these sumptuous treats.





When you enter the British gastro-invasion, Kupersmith, you can’t help but feel it. That same feeling William Wordsworth had at Tintern- the one of freedom, comfort, and most of all- replenishment. With a motto like "Inklslay and Inksdray" (links and drinks for those of us who don’t speak Pig-latin), the nouveau LES residents are having locals feeling right at home in this uber social comfort zone. Eat a sausage and delve into one of their tequila specialty drinks ($10) before making your way to the next exhibit- or whatever it is that you glamorous LESers do.



Ludlow Manor

If you haven’t already heard of the new village manor with an eccentric flair for dramatic presentation, then you’re in for an epic surprise. This lounge extraordinaire is nothing short of fabulous when it comes to pushing your imagination - and who but Lady Gaga’s ex would be more inclined toward drama and, well, mermaids? And the best part, aside from their awesome DJ dance rooftop complete with Williamsburg skyline and tapas, is there’s also an in-house live rock bar called The Casino. Can we say girls night out?




The basement of our favorite downtown hotspot, Greenhouse, has finally opened for business. This underground art-haven is covered in carefully selected art, all with a funky twist, to surround you while you drink and dance on the gleaming wood dance floor. Lots of comfortable seating with couches and chairs dispersed throughout the fluorescent lit room, so if you get tired from the constant hype upstairs, you can head down to Work In Progress for a few pricey yet delicious cocktails.






Sea Witch

Any soul brave enough to bear the sophisticated waters of Brooklyn, armed with nothing but nautical tchotchkes and gleaming woks (like starlight on the ceiling overhead), is good in our book. Especially when they specialize in old world comfort faves like Crispy pork schnitzel and burgers. Get buzzed off the 20 rotating taps and take in the detail of Sea Witch’s unique décor. The Sea Witch herself is a good place to start.






Viktor & Spoils

If you’ve been to Co-op then you’d be surprised to hear that this new Mexican escape- jar-lights, cactus, and all- comes from the same minds. But then you taste the quality of their Cactus tempura taco, and delight on their specialty mescal cocktails, and you instantly feel like you’ve entered into Zorro’s favorite date spot.








So with the transition into adulthood comes frequenting pubs-gastropubs like Billyburg’s new addition, Allswell, instead of the usual college town bars. The reason- this sexy wood-laden, Hermes-esque wall-printed ode to pork, brandy apples, and local craft beer, is the paramount transport to old-fashioned traditional class and service. With all the luxuries of a modern kitchen and atmosphere, you’ll not only feel comfortable, you’ll never want to leave. And with entrees starting at $10 like the Potted Pork, you can rest assured that you and your date can dine without breaking the bank.


Open House

Head over to East Houston Street and welcome the revamped, newly modern, Open House. Situated underground, the white stone walls, disco ball, and mood lighting give this dance night hit an edge above surrounding grind-heavy grunge clubs. Strictly electronic, you’ll hear mostly techno and dubstep favorites on their amazing sound system, so be prepared and bring your dance shoes.










Gaudy isn’t a word worthy of the decadence seen in this haute society underworld. Gold diamond checkered walls, with a blood red background to keep the atmosphere exhilarating, with gold glass orbs and provocative artwork adorning the walls. Talk about NYC speakeasy style!