Le Griffin
Your Newest Elk Lodge Retreat this Winter


The Griffin is a place where one comes to lose their words, along with their inhibitions. The entire venue has been crafted in a way that is so inviting, you will never want to leave.

Once you make it past the doorman, through the exposed wood foyer, you'll enter a room like many others of the Meatpacking, yet this one is different. After settling into one of these ultra comfortable, lush, tan velvet sofas peppered over the main room, you'll take a look around and notice that there is a rather large connecting chandelier above along with the DJ being housed within a painting frame. Strange, yet innovative, keeps everything within the lines of 'classic Meatpacking'.

At the end of the night, just like the title of this blog, you'll feel as if you truly own the night. This place turns from just lounging drinks, to a full on 'get down dance party' in the matter of three Manhattan's. Did I mention there are no bartenders present at the Griffin, strictly, mixologists'. Who proudly hand chip every piece of ice that goes into your special one of a kind cocktail. This is definitley a venue for either Christmas Eve and/ or Boxing Day. Enjoy.