Noteworthy Shows to See Right Now
Avatars, burlesque, and boyfriends, oh my!

March: Debuting April 14th, this world premire of Sharyn Rothstein's tackles life's complications through Eva Perez and Michael Meltzer, two youths who couldn't be more different. The teens take on real and imaginary monsters in this funny and compelling theatrical journey. They meet as avatars in a fantasy realm in online game and form an unexpected friendship. The show is presented by Red Fern Theatre Company and will have a three-week residency at The Theater at the 14th St. Y from April 12-29th Thurs-Sat at 8pm and Sundays at 3pm. Tickets are available for purchase here for $20.

Your Boyfriend May Be Imaginary: ...but let's hope he's not. Horse Trade Theater Group will be presenting The Management's world premiere of Larry Kunofsky's show about the pitfalls of coupledom. The show is a stylish and romantic party place (taking place in NYC of course) about a group of friends in their 30s and their relationship woes and triumphs.The performance will be showing from April 5th- 20th at UNDER St. Marks Thurs-Sat at 8pm. Tickets are $18 for adults and $15 for seniors and students, available here.

Coup de Grace Burlesque: Transport yourself back to the days of Ziegfeld and Minksy and prepare to be dazzled by sequins, spectacle, and tons of skin as Grace Gotham and cast shimmy across the stage performing risque moves with thought and wit. The show focuses solely on early 20th century style burlesque, featuring live music and the newly-formed NYC Burlesque Choir, who is making one of their debut performances in this show. The timely tunes will be performed by Shelly the Singing Siren (aka Shelly Watson) and pianist extraordinaire Broc Hempel. The show takes place on March 10th at The Triad at 10pm. Tickets are $20 here or $25 at the door (includes 2 drink minimum, cash). Jazz age, vintage, old Hollywood style attire is enthusiastically encouraged but not required.

The players:

- Amber Ray, Sensational Spellbinder
- The Maine Attraction, Josephine Baker-esque Mover & Shaker
- Grace Gotham, Turn-of-the-Century Temptress
- Gin Minsky, Red Hot Tappin' Flapper Ball of Fire
- Medianoche, Muy Caliente Seductress from Seville
- Calamity Chang, Stunning Shanghai Siren
- Tansy, The Young Elizabeth Taylor of Burlesque
- Francine, The Doll-Eyed Darling of Tease
- Roddy Caravella, Prohibition Era Dancing Gentleman
- The NYC Burlesque Choir, Newly-formed Dazzling Ensemble of Singing Burlesque Beauties