Fest in the Southwest: SXSW
The lowdown on all the wildness descending upon Austin this week!

As a versatile amalgamation of corporate conferences, tech expos, avant garde artistry, and diverse musicality, the annual hootenanny in Austin (known as SXSW) is the proverbial cornucopia of festivity. Spanning 10 days (March 9-18), this multifaceted bonanza draws deeply from vast spectrums of society—from Facebook and Skype, to Andrew WK and Nas—encapsulated within those ten wily days is a plethora of info, networking opportunity, and righteous tuneage—topped off with a multitude of imbibing possibilities!

On the musical front, the spread is impressive (with performances numbering in the hundreds) and equally diverse. Offering acts across the genres—and truly focusing on the unknowns, up and comers’, and next big things’—SXSW highlights also include: Andrew WK, Asher Roth, Nas, Talib Kweli, Skrillex, and Set Your Goals. Six days (March13-18) of musical majesty await—ready yourself for aural nirvana!

Any gathering of techies, suits, musicians, and artists is guaranteed shenanigans. Enmeshed within this medley of existence, the possibilities are limitless. As sole arbiter of your experience, be sure to individualize your SXSW itinerary (via the appropriate badge) for optimal enjoyment.

For your convenience: a sweet compilation of the most poppin’ spots at the fest!