Dancin', Grillin', Chillin'
Your weekly party guide for overcoming the post St. Paddy's Day lull, one day at a time!

We are in it: the inevitable decrescendo towards civility and normalcy. The frigid aftermath of the volatile highs of St. Paddy’s weekend are typically associated with a week-long hangover—a gradual decompression from the bombast and insanity that lulls the weekly warrior into a funk. To alleviate the languorous haze induced by the work-week grind, the natural remedy is to inject some joviality into the everyday—a proverbial week-long “hair of the dog” that lessens the sting of Reality’s cruel embrace!

With the emerald garb relegated to hibernation, the debaucheroues memories shall have to sustain for another year’s time. Until then, a little daily indulgence shall have to suffice!



Salsa Dance Party

When: Monday, March 19: 5pm-11pm

Where: Taj

How about a little Latin infusion to spice up the overwhelming despair of The Monday's?  Strap on the dancing shoes, and tear it up to the sultry jams provided by DJ Henry Knowles. For those uninitiated in the seductive arts of salsa, dance lessons start at 6:30pm—the perfect opportunity to add further swag to your repertoire! Drink and dance the night away: for the week is a long one, and revelry must be had where it can!



Wine Social & Fashion Show

When: Tuesday, March 20: 6:15pm- 10pm

Where: Skyroom Penthouse

For those in the market for an evening of swank and social networking possibility, the Skyroom is hosting a little “wine soiree” for the adventurous nocturnal denizen. Touting sweet drink special until 8pm, and capped off with a live fashion show, the time is neigh to get snazzy and mix it up with some randoms—you never know what can happen!



Naked Reading

When: Wednesday, March 21: 9pm

Where: UnderSt.Marks

In what is perhaps the perfect union between voyeurism and literature, the “Naked Girls Reading” at Under St. Marks is the latest installment in this nation wide tour. Quality literature takes center stage, in this intimate evening of readings hosted by Nasty Canasta—sans clothes! Whether you’re an abiding bibliophile, a closet voyeur, or simply looking to delve wildly outside of your comfort zone—$35 is the magic number to securing your place at a genuinely unique literary experience!



Red White & View Launch

 When: Thursday, March 22: 6pm-10pm

Where: WIX Lounge

An artsy night for a cause! The WIX Lounge is pairing delicious Argentinean vino with an exhibit showcasing a bevy of emerging new artists. Inspired by Spencer Tunik’s “Naked Sea” exhibition, enjoy an evening of classy sauce and fantastic art in good conscience—for the night’s proceeds go to non-profit outfit Slideshow Potluck! $10 books your ticket to a night of art, wine, and quality initiatives!



Pacha NYC versus Pacha Ibiza

 When: Friday, March 23: 10pm- 4am 

Where: Pacha NYC

Friday night is shaping up to be an epic throw down between nightlife king Pacha—versus itself! Pitting the originalIbizalocal against its NYC brethren, the night is rife with bombastic tunes courtesy of Goldfish, JP Candela, Andy Baxter, Exacta, and Kate Elsworth. The hottest NYC spot taken over by the maestros ofIbiza—brace yourself for a party royal!



Grillin’ on the Bay: BBQ and Chili Contest

When: Saturday, March 24: 11am- 6pm

Where: Grillin’ on the Bay

Saturday is a day of gluttonous indulgence—of both the liquid and food variety—that acts as general recompense for a week of droll, repetitious “labor”. What better way to unleash one’s carnal desire for succulent booze and delectable grub then via the annual meat-fest happening over at Brooklyn’s Grilin’ on the Bay? Housing the ever-illustrious BBQ contest (drawing greats from across the Eastern Seaboard), a swath of choice hooch, as well as an open-entry “Chili Smackdown”—it’s a veritable meatapoolza happening all day for just $10! Engorge to your heart’s content!



New York Brewery, Winery, and Distillery Tours

When: Sunday, March 25: 12pm-3:30pm

Where: Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn Winery, and New York Distilling

Sunday is rarely redeemable in the hearts and minds of the career reveler—yet it’s getting a major morale boost in the form of this Sunday’s epic Brooklyn alcohol tour. The tour covers the entire alcohol curriculum: brew, wine, and the hard stuff—via corresponding participants Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn Winery, and New York Distilling. Make Sunday a saucy one, and wrangle up the reduced price tix going for $60 (down form $80). The triple crown of drinking endeavors, on a Sunday—why would you miss it?