Get Spooked at The House of Ghostly Haunts
A new show of magic and madness!

For a limited time only, you can get chills up your spine  courtesy of Cardone the Magician and his weekly spook show, the House of Ghostly Haunts. Following the footsteps of classic spook shows of yesteryear, the Canal Park Playhouse kindly revives this chilling entertainment for your enjoyment. The show begins with trailers from classic cult horror films of the 1950's and then Cardone takes the stage for a truly unique magic show.

You must be at least 7 years old to attend, so youngsters beware! Watch Cardone (and his crazy 'stache) as he swallows razor blades, channels the dead, and gets beheaded. He will even teach and show the audience how to escape the elusive straitjacket!

But don't expect me to spoil all the secrets...you've got to see the show for yourselves to believe it. The show ends in 10 minutes of darkness, so you better not be afraid of the dark...or the weird 'n wacky.

The show runs every Tuesday at 7pm until April 17th. $20 tickets can be purchased here.