The Weekly Ambrosia: Party Edition
Our top picks for sweet grub, sick tunes, and plenty of hooch!


Sometimes the weekend has its way with you. Crusading about in the guise of an infinite booze-fueled horizon—only to pull the ole “bait & switch”—and hit you with the anvil-sized dose of mundane reality: the arrival of Monday. 

Back in the throes of the miasmic work-week revivification is key— via a renewal of nocturnal explorations into the very soul of revelry! A steady diet of nightly escapades lessens the sting of proletarian mundanity, while simultaneously sustaining one’s Dionysian impulses. Forego the slow degradation of ennui by sampling generously of this week’s party ambrosia!




Beer & Bacon Happy Hour

When: Monday, April 2nd: 4pm-7pm

Where: Rest-au-Rant 

Happy hour is America’s salvation, its armor against the corrosive agents of listlessness and disillusion induced by the proletarian “9-5”. The perfect remedy for a case of the “Mondays”, Rest-au-Rant has fattened the ante by throwing some pork-tastic glory (bacon) into the mix. Rising above the simple allure of “drink specials”, Rest-au-Rant is offering up a slew of bacon-themed apps and cocktails in a true celebration of gluttonous decadence—indulge at will!



East Village Food Crawl

When: Tuesday, April 3rd: 6pm-11pm

Where: Nomad, Candela Candela, Cucina Di Pesce 

For those not in the know, Food Crawls are the tamer, less gregarious cousin of the explicitly infamous Bar Crawls. While lacking much of the slovenly appeal of its manic brethren, Food Crawls celebrate a diversity of taste and scenery, while retaining the more “mobile” aspects of the institution. The East Village plays host in this incarnation by offering up the ole “3 course/ 3 restaurant” schema. Begin your journey with an eclectic medley of apps at Nomad, followed by sumptuous entrees at Candela Candela, and lastly, cap off the evening with some confectionary majesty over at Cucina Di Pesce. While not a veritable slop-fest a la Bar Crawls past, this 9 course, 3 restaurant endeavor does include wine and cocktails for those in need of some liquid salvation. Book your place here!



A.C.U. Later Wednesdays

When: Wednesday, April 4th: 11pm-4am

Where: Greenhouse 

Cultivators of indelible swank, eco-awareness, and exquisite fiestas, Greenhouse plays hosts to this hump-day’s nocturnal shenanigans. Accompanying their ever-elusive guest-list (and mandatory RSVP protocols) are musical acts Whoo Kid, and Big Ben & Ski-Hi. Why not class it up for a night of guaranteed goods and quality sounds, book your spot here!




Easter Egg Party

When: Thursday, April 5th: 7pm-12am

Where: Village Pourhouse 

Whether artistically inclined, debaucherously motivated, or whimsically possessed: Village Pourhouse’s “Easter Egg Decorating Party” is the spot for Easter-themed wildness. $45 nabs your ticket to an evening of egg decorating (tools provided), which includes a complimentary spring-themed cocktail and two-hour open bar. Getting smashed and painting eggs—let the madness commence!



Sebastian Ingrosso @ Roseland Ballroom

When: Friday, April 6th: 9pm-4am

Where: Roseland Ballroom

Sebastian Ingrosso (one third of EDM powerhouse, Swedish House Mafia) is tearing up Roseland Ballroom this Friday night. Ingrosso brings his signature sound and searing beats back to NYC for the first time since selling out MSG. Tix are sure to be scarce, so snag yours and prepare for aural ecstasy! Or better yet, enter our giveaway for FREE tickets!



Prohibition Repealed

When: Saturday, April 7th:  2pm-3am

Where: The Diamond 

Prohibition was easily the biggest miscue in American legal history. Mistakes happen, puritan impulses occasionally win out, and the American public is subsequently left parched and downtrodden for roughly 13 years. Upon its repeal on April 7th, 1933—the masses collectively rejoiced, imbibed, and resumed the great, national past-time of liquid escapism. To commemorate this infamous day in the history of American alcoholism, The Diamond is hosting an homage to the 4% clause of the repeal (which only allowed beer containing less than 4% to be consumed) by serving up the “light stuff” for $4 all day! Honor the rectifying of a grievous tragedy—one still resonating in the collective American psyche—by imbibing to your heart’s content!



Easter Beer Brunch

When: Sunday, April 8th: 10am-4pm

Where: Jimmy’s No.43 

 For those not religiously inclined—or just desirious of quality grub and bottomless brew—the remedy lies at the “Easter Beer Bruch” over at Jimmy’s No. 43. This funky twist on an American institution includes such fare as: “Black & Tan Griddle Cakes," “Bahn Mi Biscuits," and endless beer! Toss on the bunny suit and start your “Sunday Funday” right—with sumptuous eats and limitless sauce!