The Week in Revelry: Party Roundup
Sate the revelous beast with this week's line-up of "Green" initiatives, Bond Burlesque, and vintage boozing!


Warm weather breeds aspirations of greatness, especially when it remains throughout the week. When the climate decides to play nice, permit some friendly rays, and bathe the world in luscious warmth, the desire to seize such beauty is paramount. In lieu of the typical weekend decrescendo back towards the “work-week anticlimax," one must salvage opportunity by forcibly seizing the flighty reigns of adventure!

Like an oyster, the pearl of this city is ripe for the taking when the balmy sets in. Therefore, take a gander at the weekly party roundup, and keep the festivities raging throughout the week!



4sq Day Party 

When: Monday, April 16th: 6:30pm-12pm

Where: Village Pourhouse 


“Check in” to bountiful booze, tasty chow, and day-long wildness at Village Pourhouse’s annual “4sq Day Party”. The festivities commence at 6:30pm, with happy hour specials running rampant throughout the evening, and the first 100 revelers getting half off on apps! What better way to start the week than with a little “Monday Funday”?



Earthwatch in New York City

 When: Tuesday, April 17th: 6:30pm-9:30pm

Where: The Park Avenue Armory 


Get your buzz (and green) on for a cause! The Park Ave Armory plays hosts to the environmentally conscious pursuits of the folks over at Earthwatch. It's a night rife with spunky cocktails, auctions, and forums on the most pressing topics in conservation and green sustainability. Tix for the evening’s initial soiree start at $175, while for those more festively-inclined, there is also a $100 “After Party Mixer” featuring drinks, dessert, and live entertainment. Swank up, sip heartily, and partake in a noble endeavor!



Ballast Point Tasting

 When: Wednesday, April 18th: 6pm-11pm

Where: The Stag’s Head 


For those in the market for a little “palette expansion”, meander your way over to tasting happening at the Stag’s Head on Wednesday night. The brewer of choice is Ballast Point, who will be serving up six quality drafts and tasty apps all evening. ‘Tis the season of spring ales, so why not engage in a palatable taste excursion?



Taste of Success NYC

 When: Thursday, April 19th: 7pm-10pm

Where: Providence Lounge

The premiere food and beverage tasting event in NYC! Gather around for an epic networking mixer featuring the biggest names in business, grub, and booze hosted by the humanitarian initiative “Streetwise Partners”. $95 lands you tix to an evening full of plentiful eats, copious suds, and the company of fellow, trendsetting gastrophiles—taste the wildness!



NXNY @ District 36

 When: Friday, April 20th: 10pm-2am

Where: District 36 


“The NXNY Privileged Experience” is the collaborative brainchild of party facilitators, NXNY and Privileged MG, dedicated to bringing the latest in quality EDM to the masses. By choosing bangin’ locales, and supplying tasty tuneage, the ravenous beast that is EDM has continued to flourish under their capable hands. Friday night’s “seminar” takes place at District 36, where the sounds will be blistering throughout the night—for the veterans and uninitiated alike!



Victor Calderone @ Pacha NYC

When: Saturday, April 21st: 10pm-3am

Where: Pacha NYC 


Pioneers of the latest debauchery, and procurers of times awesome and explicit, Pacha NYC is guaranteed mayhem on any given weekend. This Saturday the pot is fattened with the inclusion of vintage house maestro, Victor Calderone, helming the night’s musical journeys. Snag your tix, and brace yourself for the mercurial strain of awesome that is Pacha NYC!



Speak Teasey

When: Sunday, April 22nd: 7pm-12am

Where: Hotel Chantelle


Svelte up your Sunday with some saucy, James Bond inspired Burlesque! “Speak Teasey” is an evening full of erotic twists, action riffs, and quality 007 homage—all topped off with equally sumptuous and salacious food and drink pairings! This hot ticket is going for $75, so grab the goods and brace yourself for the sauciest treatment of the iconic Mr. Bond!