Jersey: The Oft-Overlooked Summer Destination
All Snooki's aside, discover 5 attractions heavy on fun and close to home!


The coming of summer brings with it infinite possibilities for memorable shenanigans. For the denizens of NYC, that typically entails retreating eastward to the lush greenery and picturesque beaches of Long Island. While the Hamptons typically reigns king of summer festivities, there are also other notable locales (equidistant to NYC) offering equally fun opportunities—mainly located in New Jersey.

Jersey, the black sheep perpetually in New York’s towering, majestic shadow, has its own charms come summertime. Though not as glitzy as the glittering coasts of Long Island, Jersey’s own shoreline offers equally festive alternatives for the adventurous reveler. Located nearby, these Jersey hot spots prove that revelry is a mercurial beast: one that takes myriad forms, and truly flourishes when pursued by imaginative souls. Next time the quandary of experience leaves you pondering for memorable summer haunts, look no further than our dear, oft-forgotten neighbor, New Jersey.


Atlantic City

While AC never really sleeps, the “East Coast Vegas” truly comes into its own in the summer months. Located on the shore, AC’s beaches & boardwalks succeed in complementing the already established success of the casino/party scene. While paling in comparison to the grand maestro of revelry that is Vegas, AC brings the rage close to home via its marginally reduced pricing, oceanfront scenery, and its illustriously dodgy history for riotous debauchery.            






Seaside Heights (aka, The Jersey Shore)

 Made infamous through the d-list of MTV's Jersey Shore reality show, spray tan abuse, and a misappropriation of Italian- American culture, the shore still remains a veritable hive for summer raging. Its commercial appeal aside, Seaside Heights offers expansive beachside options, the ever infamous “boardwalk," and a plethora of nocturnal activities to keep even the most ambitious reveler satisfied. Whether chancing the wilds of the “Guido Jungle”, or simply looking to unleash some weekend wildness, the Jersey Shore is vintage mayhem.



Six Flags Great Adventure

For those looking to enjoy the summer sans hooch, fret not, for Jersey’s Six Flags Great Adventure packs plenty of awesome for the whole family. Touting an epic theme park, safari, and water park, Six Flags brings the goods on all fronts. Boasting an impressive array of coasters and thrill-seeking fare, Six Flags is a fun alternative that doesn’t involve excess ossification and its subsequent sloppiness, but rather, caters to the adrenaline-seeking impulses nestled within us all. Relatively cheap, and infinitely fun, theme parks reaffirm why summer is the undisputed king of seasons!



Cape May

With rich history, Victorian architecture, and proven pedigree for summertime shenanigans,Cape May is the epitome of “Summer Getaway”. Located at the southernmost tip of Jersey, this resort town touts a bevy of options for the ambitious vacationer. On top the of standard beach fare,Cape May houses quality wineries, ideal locales for bird-watching, and an abundance of aquatic activities! For those willing to take the slightly longer trek down the Jersey coast, they shall be rewarded with the enduring charm of Cape May.



MetLife Stadium

Though only a short ride outside our illustrious city, MetLife Stadium truly comes alive in the summertime. The premiere outdoor venue for music and athletics, MetLife offers a plethora of sweet events occurring throughout the summer.  Whether you catch some quality MLS action at the residence of the NY Redbulls, snag tix to some of the hottest summer concerts (EDC, Summer Jam), or savor the yearly treat of soccer heavyweights doing battle (Argentina versus Brazil)—MetLife is a veritable hub of awesome for the eager day-tripper!