The Week in Festivity
Mixers (liquid and social), ragers, and street fests are the gateway to wild this week!


Weekends pass all too fast. Enamored within the momentary veneer of freedom, precious hours trickle through the cracks of our fingers like diamonds—leavings us barren, ragged, and downtrodden come the executioner’s call of Monday morning. Our proletarian grind leaves little to the imagination—essentially disillusion incarnate—thus, to soar beyond these insipid lots, we must continually push the boundaries of temperance and decency.

By seeking the cavernous expanses nestled within the night—the zeitgeists, the myriad sounds, the kindred souls seeking connection—only then is rejuvenation truly possible. In the tireless war against the corroding taint of ennui and listlessness, a proactive approach to revelry is the only salvation.

Seek the nightly panacea, for each and every step taken in the adventurous, lustful swagger of pursuit staves off the sobering chill of monotony.



Mixology Boot Camp

When: Monday, April 23rd: 7pm-10pm

Where: Sidebar 


Ward off the harbinger of weekly doldrums (Monday) with some educational courses in the refined field of mixology. Pick up some choice techniques, quality recipes, and bar basics at this two hour tutorial happening over at Sidebar. Tix to the seminar are $60, yet that pales in comparison to the cred’ granted to your booze repertoire—mix away!



Networking Happy Hour

When: Tuesday, April 24th: 7pm-10pm

Where: 121 Fulton Street


Network for a cause! Mix it up with some randoms under the guise of uber sweet drink specials and charitable causes this Tuesday night. Your pursuits—both debaucherous and social—shall benefit “Back on my Feet," an initiative dedicated to “creating independence and self-sufficiency within the homeless and other under-served populations." Who says alcohol need not promote social awareness?



Wine & Chocolate Pairing

 When: Wednesday, April 25th: 7pm-10pm

Where: 92Y 


The title truly says it all. What more perfect union is there than wine and chocolate—decadent, sweet, and aphrodisiacal! Oenophile, Stefanie Jackenthal, shall preside over the evening’s curriculum, which features strategic tips towards pairing these two delectable delights. Tix are sure to be scarce, so snag them here while they last!     



Dance. Here. Now

When: Thursday, April 26th: 10pm-4am

Where: Cielo 


Nightlife impresario, Rob Fernandez, has steadily brought blistering tunes and raucous ragers to bangin’ locales throughout NYC via his Dance. Here. Now intiative. This Thursday, Cielo plays hosts to Fernandez's latest endeavor, featuring the righteous tunes of Danish export, Sander Kleinenberg. Already a guaranteed hit, the night is made infinitely sweeter by the salacious combo of free admission (before 12 midnight) and open bar (10pm-11pm)—don’t miss this one!



Party on the Terrace

When: Friday, April 27th: 10pm-2am

Where: Time Square Terrace 


The owners of famed nightlife institution, Copacabana, have launched their latest entry into the party-sphere, Time Square Terrace. Recently opened on April 12th, the Terrace sports killer views, stylish ambiance, and quality tunes (courtesy of DJ Yonny). To commiserate its recent opening, the Terrace is throwing wild ragers every weekend, with this Saturday playing host to one of its more bombastic offerings. Don’t miss your chance to scope out this nightlife newborn—for that glittering “new bar scent” is sure to fade fast!  



Tribeca Family Festival Street Fair

 When: Saturday, April 28th: 10am-6pm

Where: Greenwich Street(from Hubert to Chambers Streets) 


Having consumed NYC in a storm of cinema, celebrity, and the subsequent wake of fiestas spawned in its honor, the Tribeca Film Fest continues its party-binge with an all-encompassing "street fair." This yearly treat engulfs Greenwich(from Huber to Chambers) in a veritable sea of artistry, eats, drinks, and general awesome. Occurring throughout the day, this is the exclusive opportunity to see a bevy of free screenings and performances unique to the festival!



Sunday Funday

When: Sunday, April 29th: 12:30pm-3:30pm

Where: The Griffin


The sole redemptive quality of Sunday (in terms of revelry) is that it quaintly rhymes with “Funday”. When united, the droll inactivity associated with Sunday is instantly transformed in a veritable storm of derelict debauchery. Thankfully, the Griffin is wearing the mantle of “Sunday Faciliator” by offering up some delicious open bar throughout the day. Furthermore, this grandly intoxicating gesture has the added bonus of benefiting charity (The Michael J. Fox Foundation). Imbue some wild back into Sunday—snag your tix here, and party for a cause!