BungaNO: Sacco's Plans to Revive Bungalow 8 Shot Down
CB4 Members to Sacco: In your Dreams!

It looks like Amy Sacco's Bungalow 8 will not be taking up residence at 357 W. 16th after all. The local Community Board 4 denied approval for the new spot situated next to the Dream Downtown. As CB4 member Robert J. Benfatto Jr. told the Post,“[We] reached an agreement [the space] will not be called Bungalow 8 (or Bungalow anything) and that Amy Sacco ‘is not and shall not be an employee, owner or consultant’ at that location." Ouch, looks like the neighborhood doesn't want Sacco or any kind of "bungalow" near them.

Plans to relaunch the new hotspot hit a snag last week when the board requested the venue's liquor license be put on hold until a hearing on Tuesday. From there, the venture went down hill, leaving Sacco and her partners LDV Hospitality "scrambling for a new concept," according a source. Fears that the spot would bring a rowdy late-night crowd is what ultimately led to the decision, as one board member told the Post, "The Bungalow 8 that was on 27th Street and Amy Sacco have nothing to do with a gastropub, nothing to do with food — only to do with bottle service, Page Six and celebrities."

It seems downtown residents have been fed up to their lofty high ceilings with the rise of late-night spots in their neighborhood. Meatpacking District residents are becoming increasingly annoyed and complaints of noise, public urination, and violence have been on the rise. As a result NYPD are now routinely taking to the area in force arresting and citing rowdy party goers. So next time you're out in the Meatpacking District, you may want to simma down now and leave the party in the club!