Sebastian Black's 'Psychic' Theater Will Blow Your Mind
Our night at off-Broadway's 'Mind to Mind: A Sunday Matinee of Psychic Theater'

If you are a skeptic of all things "paranormal," don't write this off just yet...we were too. That is, until a few days ago when we witnessed Sebastian Black and his off-Broadway show, Mind to Mind: A Sunday Matinee of Psychic Theater, is an entertaining and truly mind-blowing performance. As stated on the show's webpage, "during any given performance you could experience ESP, Telepathy, Clairvoyance and Spoon Bending, and if the Spirits allow, you may experience a Paranormal Event."

Sebastian learned that he had special abilities when he was nine years old and a relative passed away. After the funeral, he was talking to his grandpa (who passed) in his bedroom. When he told his parents they were upset and obviously didn't believe him, until he told them what he said. Sebastian told his parents where some of his grandpa's possessions were hidden and lo and behold, when his parents checked it out, there they were. 

During the show, you will be astonished when Sebastian knows what audience members draw or write on a piece of paper, simply by touching the envelope it is enclosed in or tell you what word you picked out in a book by touching that book while blindfolded. Of course, every show is different and dependent on the audience, so be forewarned that anything that happens during the show is unexpected. 

Sebastian Black's real passion is conducting private seances. He doesn't see the spirits, but he is able to feel their presence and communicate with them. His wife has had run-ins with one spirit with whom Sebastian communicates with frequently named Ana. One night while she was sleeping this spirit pulled her blankets off of her; it goes without saying that she was a little bit freaked out.  

When asked what some of his 'bad' experiences have been with the paranormal, Sebastian says that unlike most other mentalists, he has never had any bad experiences. He has been called to places where bad spirits reside, and when he comes, they get outta dodge. "It has to do with being able to draw in positive energy and it's weird because it's like charging your body with electricity, and I can feel it. When I do it, the hair on my arms stands up on end. That energy, because it's light energy, it gets rid of that bad stuff," says Sebastian. "I'm not afraid to go into any situation." 

The most impressive part of Mind to Mind is when, during intermission, all the members of the audience are able to write a burning question on a piece of paper and put it into a box for Sebastian to answer. And not only does he answer the questions, but he does it without even reading the paper. If you're thinking it must be some kind of trick, then listen to this. We brought a friend to the show and when he picked her question to answer, he even knew her last name, which wasn't on the paper, or registered for the show. But we won't give away everything that happens during the show, we'll leave that to you to go check it out for yourselves. Because really, you have got to see it to believe it. And even if you don't believe in "magic" or "paranormal activity" you will be entertained, at the very least.

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