Mini-Fridge Theater Festival Hits 4th of July Weekend
Frigid NY presents a schedule of shows for the weekend


Join FRIGID New York 4th of July weekend for a mini-festival with the best Frigid artists and Fringe Festival artists, hand picked by Horse Trade Theater Group. This frigid event is sure to cool you off during the hot weekend! The mini-festival will play at UNDER St. Marks June 28-July 4. Tickets are $15 ($12 for students & seniors) and are available here. Check out the line-up of performances below.

Kill the Band: Mock Bottom
Presented by Killy Dwyer and Kill the Band
KILL THE BAND presents a surreal, multi-media theatrical experience to celebrate the release of their triumphant second comedy rock album, MOCK BOTTOM! Part CD release party, part psychodramedy, MOCK BOTTOM mockuments the farcical cycle of the band's breakdowns and breakthroughs. Free CD included with your ticket!
Thu 6/28 & Sat 6/30 @ 10pm

Bye Bye Bombay
Written & Performed by Cara Yeates
A multimedia adventure to Bollywood and beyond! Join Gauri and her puppet guides as she dodges rickshaws, Russian dancers and lecherous directors. A foreigner lost in a maze of masala, will this lost traveler learn more than just the art of crossing roads in India?
Thu 6/28 @ 8:30pm, Fri 6/29 @ 7pm, & Sat 6/30 @ 7pm

Presented by Theatre Reverb
A sensual tale of violence and revolution born in a futuristic metropolis. Theatre Reverb combines media, red-light cabaret, live music, Judeo-Christian and Hindu myth, and classical Indian dance-theatre to envelop spectators in a lush sci-fi noir. This unique, total theatrical experience is the result of a cross-discipline collaboration between artists from the US, Central Europe and Asia.
Sat 6/30 @ 5pm & Sun 7/1 @ 7pm

Presented by Peter Aguero
Raw stories paired with raw burlesque. Curated and hosted by Peter Aguero (The Moth, The BTK Band), Bare. will rip the heart out of your chest, place it lovingly back in, and proceed to do it all over again. This special MiniFridge volume stars Adam Wade, Sarah Jenness, Diana Spechler, Magdalena Fox, Francine, Amelia Bareparts, and Mary Cyn as The Kraken.
Sun 7/1 @ 9pm

Bible Burlesque
Presented by Brain Melt Consortium
To raise money for the Edinburgh production of their biblical feminist burlesque-themed play, Rachel and Ali have decided to put on a night of hot, lurid bible stories – but they’ve got very different ideas about what that means. An hour of comic meta-theatrical sexy-time. In Biblical proportions. From the creators of the 2012 FRIGID hit, Daughters of Lot.
Sat 6/30 @ 8:30pm

Lord Gregory & Mademoiselle Godin's miniXMAS Spectacular Xmas
Hosted by Gregory Levine and Michelle Leona Godin
What an awful word, non?! And everything so shabby nowadays. Well, perhaps you've been going to the wrong parties... Aristocratic siblings Lord Gregory and Mademoiselle Godin -- whose twisted bond of love and jealousy has only grown stronger since the terrible day their zygote split in the womb -- cordially invite you to the unseasonable soiree of the year: a splendid Xmas gala showcasing the stars of the 2012 miniFRIDGE, and featuring the marvelous musicians, comedians and performance artist of the Horse Trade family. You will be sadly gauche if you are not in attendance!
Fri 6/29 @ 10pm

Legendary: A Man-tasia
Written & performed by Kevin R. Free
Directed by Christopher Burris
What becomes a legend most? Is it truth? Is it fantasy? Is it a sequined gown and pearls? In Legendary: A Man-tasia three gay men explores their love affairs with each other, themselves and - of course - Jennifer Holliday.
Thu 6/28 @ 7pm, Fri 6/29 @ 8:30pm, & Mon 7/2 @ 7pm