Get Drunk Off Theater















A new kind of theater show is in town and it's goal is to Get. You. Drunk. Horse Trade Theater Group and Strange Dog Theatre Company are bringing Ben Clawsons's The Virilogy: A Drinking Game to UNDER St. Mark's for your enjoyment. The show is comprised of three one-act comedies spanning a decade in the lives of the world's worst best friends.

So, you're wondering, how does the booze play into all this?

It's as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1: Come see the show.

Step 2: Pick a character.

Step 3: When the character drinks, so do you.

Hopefully you'll be able to last through the whole show without blacking out!  The show will be running from July 5th- 14th on Thursday through Saturday at 8pm.

Tickets are $18 and include one free beer. They can be purchased here.