Put Some South in Yo' Mouth: Brother Jimmy's Celebrates New Cook Book
Friends and generally hungry people helped kick off the newly published Bro Jimmy's BBQ recipe bible.


Brother Jimmy’s BBQ has the taste and atmosphere of those memorable summer weekend barbeques that endures through every generation.

An original menu with the blessing of a southern kitchen, and cocktails to amplify any occasion, Brother Jimmy’s owner, Josh Lebowitz has had mouth-watering success with his Manhattan and Caribbean locations.

This past Tuesday, at Brother Jimmy’s Murray Hill restaurant, Lebowtiz and friends celebrated the publishing of Brother Jimmy’s BBQ cookbook. With the help of Bro Jimmy’s Executive Chef, Eva Pesantez, nightlife writer Sean Evans and the slightest bit of ghost writing by yours truly, this impressive handbook covers all the southern essentials.

At nearly 300 pages, the cookbook is your guide through summer dining and imbibing. 

Living up to a line in the book that refers to the brunch drink recipes, the writers “started the party early” when devising the signature drink menu, guaranteeing some refreshing and exceptional cocktails. 

You’ll learn about the history of pork roasts, how to discern between the best woods to cook over, and even suggestions on backyard games to enjoy with family and friends. 

The evening continued through the slightly inclement weather, but you wouldn’t know it the way the crowd was enjoying themselves.

Samples of original recipes were being passed around while Lebowitz and Pesantez signed copies of their book.  

The restaurant, along with their Caribbean properties has a hand full of locations through out Manhattan and soon in New Brunswick and Miami.