Yes, Please: Pounds & Ounces Introduces Double Happy Hours
Delicious munchies for under $5!


The Chelsea hot spot Pounds & Ounces is kicking off a new Happy Hour from 4-7pm on weekdays, as well as after 11pm on Sundays through Thursdays!

Dine at the bar or a communal table and choose from a selection of bar bites, including lobster corn dogs, battered fries dipped in Gunpowder sauce (yes, that is the lingo for homemade BBQ sauce with Pop Rocks - we're psyched too), and more.

The rockin' bites range from $4-$5, which is practically free by New York standards.

And if you've ever been to Pounds & Ounces, you know it's always popping --the perfect spot for late night eats and cocktails.