Brooklyn’s 40/40 Club Will Not Have Bottle Service
The plus side: If a brawl breaks out, there won’t be broken bottles to clean up.

As reported last week, Jay-Z has brought the 40/40 Club to Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn. After a grueling public hearing discussing the venue’s liquor license capabilities, the New York Post has reported that the 40/40 Club will not offer bottle service to its guests.

Some will care about this stipulation, and some will be indifferent. Either way, there will still be booze. Hard liquor will be sold in shot or drink form, and bottles of champagne and wine will available for purchase in the restaurant.

Additionally, unlike other venues that require the service of alcohol to discontinue after the commencement of the fourth quarter, the 40/40 Club will halt sales at 2AM. We could only wonder how much this decision was influenced by recent events.