Artist John Hung Ha Paints NYC Melting Pot
The artist creates one of his signature koi fish mural at Andaz 5th Avenue.


Andaz 5th Avenue recently introduced its fourth and final artist in their TBD rotating art series, John Hung Ha. Their prior artists include Claw Money, Mister Cartoon, and M.Dreeland. In the series, each artist paints their view of New York City today on the doors leading to the bar downstairs.

Optical artist John Hung Ha began his work on June 8th, and lived at the hotel for a week while completing his mural. He is best known for his signature Koi fish paintings, where each fish explores various themes from pop culture to customary Asian symbology.

Hung Ha's modern interpretation of traditional Chinese imagery on the bar doors uses international flags to populate the scales of a Koi fish, representing the melting pot population of the city. "My colorful Pop Art is larger than life and inspires good energy. I feel the same can be said of New York City – a bustling, vibrant metropolis with a mix of so many cultures,” states John Hung Ha. “Andaz 5th Avenue has inspired me to create a canvas that combines these elements, and I am looking forward to this experience.” And we are looking forward to checking it out!

Join us and see it for yourselves while getting delcious bar bites and cocktails at Andaz.