An Event Space To Die For
The East Village harbors an unique party spot.

For those looking for a different kind of event space, one that puts you in the open air of Manhattan, surrounded by a bustling neighborhood, say, the East Village, then the trustees of the New York Marble Cemetery should be on your call list.

In an effort to fund much needed restorations, the cemetery, which was built in 1830, and at the time was at the city’s northern perimeter, has hosted a slew of events ranging from weddings, film and television settings, and even ballet recitals.

While the last burial was in 1937, Caroline S. DuBois, one of the trustees, told the New York Times they were looking for ways “we could make the cemetery pay for itself.” The cemetery is, however, subject to the perils of New York City. Peter Van C. Luquer, a former trustee says he used to find hypodermic needs in the grass and used condoms and underwear in the trees.

But don’t let your imagination wander off in the dark depths of a Stefon Zolesky inspired party dream just yet, they don’t allow just anyone in!